Hail Tremayne Brown

September 13, 2017
Lionel Rookwood/Photographer Catherine Goodall, marketing manager, LASCO, makes a presentation to Tremayne Brown, who saved Renaldo Reynolds (second left) from drowning. Looking on are Wendell Reynolds (left), Renaldo's father, and Stafford Brown, Tremayne's father.

By now you must have heard about one of the most positive and inspirational pieces of news to come out of Kingston in a long time.

Yeah man, I’m talking about the heroic escapade involving a young man named Tremayne Brown who during the heavy rains last week, bravely jumped into a gully full of rushing waters, struggled with the currents, suffered bruises, and risked his life to rescue a child who faced the threat of what would have been a horrible death by drowning.

Look nuh, you would have had to be domiciled in a deep, dark hole underneath a hell-of-a rock to have not yet heard details of the sensational story or seen images of the viral video of the rescue mission that occurred along Collie Smith Drive in my sometimes fearsome and infamous, but also fun-filled and famous community of origin, Trench Town.

Everybody and dem granny has been busy waxing lyrical with funny commentary and flowing fluently with lyrics of praise for the quick-thinking and courageous Mr Brown.

I’m willing to bet every dollar that I don’t have that a new song a go buss the airwaves soon-soon about the gallant gully hero called Tremayne Brown out of Trench Town.

Yeah peeps unnu can listen out fi it. Either that or a skit putting an amusing spin on the incident might just pop up in one of the upcoming episodes of the next edition of the popular ‘Ity and Fancy Cat show’.

In fact, I can already envisage a scene with the hilarious Ras Rozah Roze aka Mr ‘Lock it Back’ standing on the edge of the gully singing ‘Oh I wish I could swim’ to the tune of R Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Ffly’. Yu know what, I think I going to write. What you think? 

Trust me, thanks to his swift action, Brown’s name will be immortalised in folk tales for years to come.

Already, he’s being showered with commendations and gifts, and he has been promised employment opportunity with major corporate entity LASCO.

And although the 2017 list of Jamaicans up for special recognition on National Heroes Day has already been finalised and the names officially announced, several people are now loudly calling for Brown’s name to be quickly added to the list. I totally agree. box-mi-back@hotmail.com

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