Hurricane Irma prekeh!

September 14, 2017
A van remains in a sinkhole that opened up at the Astor Park Apartment Complex in Winter Springs, Florida, during Hurricane Irma's passing through central Florida.

Zagga Zagga Zow (inna Beenie Man voice)! Wah gwaan peeps? Hope unuh good. Straight blessings always.

On to di mix-up:

So duuurrrrty Irma pass through and wap up Florida wicked. Yeah, crazy tings get blow weh and nuff flooding gwaan all bout. A bare drama up ya now as di residents dem a bounce back from di hurricane ordeal.

Anyways, one a di ting dem weh still a presha we a di electricity. As usual, after a hurricane nuff people nuh have no light. Which part mi deh ya now a bare dawkniss. We still a wait fi light from FPL, di Florida equivalent of Jamaica's JPS.

So, a night time mi self and mi fellow residents inna di complex, wi go outside inna di dawk jus fi get some cool air and exchange stories bout di storm. Last night we out deh a chat and all of a sudden a bredda we deh deh a chat wid wi bawl out, "Oh f...! I know that light! That has to be Julia!"

When di rest a we look up we see light a move round inna four apartments. It wasn't from electricity, of course. It was from lanterns and flashlights. When we deh deh still a look, di bredda weh mek di comment shot weh gone back inna di complex. Afta him lef, wi deh deh a wonda a wah him mean?




Likkle afta we hear screaming and cussing up inna one a di four apartment dem weh have the light a shine in deh. Same time all a we who did still outside tek time start draw closer to di base a di building fi hear betta cause dem deh up pon di third floor.

As much as we coulda pick up, di bredda weh mek di comment bout di light live wid him woman and dem yute. Him woman mussi did tell him seh she a go sleep inna dem yute room because di yute fraid fi be alone from di storm an di dawkniss. Di man den was supposed to be down di hall a check one a him bredren, but somehow him end up outside a chat wid wi.

Hear ya now. Di man did prepare fi di storm and buy flashlight fi use when light gone. According to him, di light from di flashlight weh him buy have a very unique look. So unique dat if yuh pay attention yuh can recognise it specifically from a far.

A so when him outside and see di light him did recognise it. Problem is di light did inna one hot bwoy, personal trainer apartment! And di only way di light coulda did get dung deh is either di man woman or him yute did bring it dung. It wasn't di yute, so it was definitely di woman. Yeah, di woman screechy go dung a di personal trainer apartment! She neva did expect har man fi outside inna di complex yaad, much less fi be able fi recognise di unique light pon di flashlight through di winda.

When har man ketch dem, dem neva did a do nutten. But nobody cyaan tell mi say a neva plan she did a plan fi dash out di naani pon di personal trainer or did a plan fi get a quick swipe or send on a hurricane headaz. Woooiiieeee!!! Har man did move too quick man. Once him recognise di light inna di trainer room, him shoulda did jus clutch and wait fi di light sekkle, a buss een pon dem. By di time him reach in deh, him woman a kill him wid cyaad say di personal trainer a har fren and she did jus stop by fi see how him did fare wid di storm. Wadeva! She couldn't fool me. If it was so, she wouldn't haffi a tell lie say she a sleep wid dem yute and sneak gone dung deh. Mind sharp, a long time di personal trainer a jump up inna har belly.

Awright, leggomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so inna di STAR. Bless up unuh self.


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