Fun, frolic and bashment

September 20, 2017
Contributed The members of FATEFULL are all smiles.

Look here nuh. I had a big, blessed, boonoonoonoos bashment time over the weekend that's just gone. In fact, the fun and frolic was so sweet that I'm now getting ready to put it pon repeat! Yes, peeps. I'm currently recovering from a slight bout of laryngitis, but thankfully, I did not lose my voice because I was engaging in vice. No, man. I was having fun doing something that I love, while helping a whole heap of people to feel really nice.

What did I do? I reignited a partnership of creative compatibility that started way back in the late '70s by joining with Pastor Winston 'Bello' Bell, my beloved brother from another mother, for a rip-roaring riotous return to the stage with a piece called 'Fix Up!' What is 'Fix up'? Some people ask me if it's a play, and I tell them no, it's really more like a work. Then they ask, 'Oh, so is it a show?', and I tell them it's more than a show, it's a show and tell!

The event is actually an honest, frank and fun-filled sharing through comedy, music, theatre and testimony that recounts our joint journey of nearly 40 years a journey that has taken us from Trench Town and Jones Town, respectively, to almost every corner of the world. The experience gives audiences a rare, intimate glimpse into the back story of how two rivalling young, aspiring actors became friends for life, and how a ranting, raving and rebellious Rastafarian dub poet and a talented, humble Christian actor-singer inadvertently and serendipitously evolved into the enduring comedy duo that helped to re-establish the genre as a viable entertainment alternative and inspired the creation of acts like Ity and Fancy Cat.

One particularly refreshing and fulfilling aspect of the 'Fix up' project for both Bello and I is the fact that we get to experience the thrill of sharing space with FateFull an exciting, new gospel fusion band comprising an amazing bunch of gifted musicians who are also decent Christian people. Interestingly, the members of FateFull were not even born when 'Bello & Blakka' was at the peak of their career as the hot Jamaican comedy duo touring England in 1992. Yeah, is long time wi a dweet. And it still sweet.

So, ahm ... if yuh free, come ketch likkle a di Fix Up at Phoenix Theatre inna di last two show this Friday and Saturday nuh!

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