Stew peas trick backfires

October 05, 2017
Stew Peas

Dis Jamaican man deh wid an American woman. Di two a dem black. Dem did a guh tru some serious problems inna dem relationship to di point weh dem did a tink bout break-up.

Di woman start to contact di man relatives an a talk to dem bout har problems wid di man. One a di tings weh she explain is dat because a dem cultural differences sometimes she feel like she nuh undastan him, an nuh know how fi deal wid him. Because a dat she ask dem wa she fi do fi address some a di problems dem weh dem a experience.

One a di man relatives weh she talk to was one a him aunty weh live a Jamaica. During di conversation di aunty tell har say she fi cook stew peas fi him, cause fram him likkle bit him love it.

She tell di aunty say she nuh know how fi cook it soh di aunty fi tell har. She goh get piece a paypa an pen an mek di aunty explain in detail how fi cook stew peas and she write dung everyting.

She cook di stew peas an made a grand presentation to har man a di dining table. Immediately him ask har how come she know how fi cook stew peas. Naturally she tell him di truth bout di aunty who tell har how fi dweet. Di man git up suh fast di chair weh him did deh pon tun ova. Him gi him woman a strange look, an walk straight outa di house in seeming anger an anxiety.

Wa di woman neva know is dat di whole a di man family have off da aunty deh as a woman weh love obeah. Dem all have it say she wuk obeah an tie fi har man - dat di man been waan lef har, but cause she tie him wid stew peas him cyaan goh nuh weh.

Him get suspicious an cut!

An jus like dat, di woman efforts fi save har relationship backfire an mek it worse. Poor ting ... She wouldn't falla di aunty if she did know say wen it comes to relationship issues many Jamaican men get very edgy wen stew peas get involved.

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