A nuh everyting weh glitta a gold

October 19, 2017

A bredda inna Europe did a juggle two woman. Him did 'love' di two a dem fi different reasons.

Him love one cause she did loyal, love har church, nuh too like touch di road, ambitious (a guh school while she a work full-time), hard-working and jus prefer fi guh work an guh straight home to him every day.

Di oda one love road, always waan guh out, love parties, love fi hot-out, an har sort-out freaky an tun up. Di first one neva yet waan anyting fram him.

Even tho di second one nuh ask fi money, him know she did expect him fi sen on, which he always did, and she neva yet say no.

It did reach di point weh di first one waan married an pon top a dat she did find out bout Ms Excitement, di second one. All kind a drama goh dung till all him family get involved.

Dem push him fi leggo di wild ting an fi goh married di first one. Eventually, him rebel an say a him a live him life an a di second one him waan marry.

Him pap big proposal an she accept. A soh him leggo Ms Nicey.

One night him say him a drive fi goh pick up him fiancee an him nuh know wa happen, but him jus see vision har face jus flash in front a him windshield an all of a sudden she tun inna one big ole slimey monsta weh jus a laugh wid whole heap a slime inna har mout!

She get bigga an bigga till she suddenly tek ova him car an him couldn't see weh him a goh an di car crash!

Afta di accident him, say him spirit tell him say him nuh fi married har. Him postpone di wedding but layta him draw back fi har.

Eventually, him totally lef Ms Excitement an married to Ms Nicey.

Afta more dan a year married to har, him staat get bored. A Ms Excitement him draw back fah an get a one piece.

Afta dat she keep on a link him fi him fahwud fi more, but him say supm tell him say doan goh. Him neva link har back afta dat and eventually dem finish fi good.

More dan two years layta, a bredren link him an mek him know seh Ms Excitement get arrested cause she did murder har new boyfriend!

Layta, as him a falla har trial him find out seh she did actually married before. An investigation reveal seh a she did poison har first husband an kill him too!!

Di shock a di whole ting racks up di bossy. Him seh as bad as tings was him jus neva see har as a murdera, much less smaddy weh kill two a har man dem.

Now, there's nobaddy to him like him good-good wife. Him jus so in love wid Ms Nicey an well fraid a hype gyal. LOL.

A it dat. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. Bless up unu self.


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