Father and son share one woman

October 26, 2017

Yeeeeeoowww! Wah gwaan TamFam? Bless up all 'Ragashanti Live' listeners. Big up unuh self, straight.

On to di tea:

So, dis man inna him early 50s is a likkle player-player. A him seh woman. Ever a do road and a wild-out wid di ladies.

Him have a 24-year-old son weh live wid him, and him and him son share nuff tings wid dem one another. A regula dem talk bout wah and wah dem do wid woman. Him and him son roll more like two lifelong bredren than like father and son.

So, one time now di daddy drop pon di ends wid a nice woman nutten unusual. Di fada and di woman go inna him room go do dem ting straight whoppings! When dem done, di woman did inna di house a chill and see di son. She then go tell di fada seh she neva know a so him son sexy. She a gwaan and a gwaan so much how di son sexy dat di fada tell har seh it look like yuh waan grind (him use another word) off mi son. Di woman tell him straight up say, "Yeah, mi woulda grind him, yes."

Yeah, a one a dem woman deh weh nuh care. If she see a man and like a man, she a go tek a man and nuh response.

Di fada tell har seh is no problem to him if she do dat, cause him and him son cool like dat. Him tell har seh him did haffi leave di house and that when him gone, she can dash out di sup'm pon him son. Before him lef, him call di son one side and tell him di woman like him and dat if when him gone if she a gwaan like she waan run it pon him, him fi tek it. Di son agree.




Di fada lef, and so said, so done. Miss Lady move to di son and him neva hitch. She fling it up pon him and him put it on pon har wicked. Dem puddung several rounds.

Long afta dem done, di fada fahwud and she tell him one away seh she did gi di son some and dat him bad, bad, bad! She tell di fada seh a probably di best grind (again, she use a different word) she eva get. Di fada say, "But mus, a mi tell him how fi wuk woman." Di woman laugh and tell di fada seh him not even close to how di son wicked wid di choppings.

Afta dat di woman start draw fi di son regula. Lone killings dem rinse. Is like dem cyaan get enough a each other. Eventually di woman stop gi di fada knowings, and a just straight preementz fi di son. Di fada start frownze pon dat an go tell him son seh him fi lowe har out caa she a waste gyal. Di son promptly ask di fada seh, "So she a neva waste gyal when yuh did a do-so wid har, but she a waste gyal cause she jus waan juggle wid me?" Di son tell him fada say him fi jus cool and mek him and di woman gwaan do dem ting cause is not like him, di fada, waa deh wid har. But di fada still bex and tell him son seh him lose off a him. Now di fada a stay wide fram di son. Yeah, di fada a run bere malice pon di son.

Aay sah. Life.

A it dat. Send mi unuh drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unuh next Thursday, same place ya so inna di STAR. Bless up.


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