DNA test cause bangarang

November 02, 2017

In dis European country yuh have two woman who a good friends. Dem did meet dem one anneda a di prestigious country club inna dem town. A propa-propa money people dem.

Di two a dem shop togeda, guh movies togeda, an tek vacation trips to oda countries togeda. A regula dem also have playtime wid each a dem children. One a dem have two dawta weh a eight and seven an di oda one have a son weh a 10.

Suh now, dis one time di son a ramp and get a serious injury weh result in him a bleed nuff. Dem rush him guh hospital an call him parents, but dem neva deh near.

Of course him mada call har best fren an ask har fi guh dung a di hospital an gwaan tek care a bizniz till she fahwud. Di best fren say "of course," an call fi har husband an di two a dem shot it goh dung a di hospital.

Wen dem reach di hospital di doctor seh di likkle bwoy unda treatment but him a guh need emergency blood transfusion.

Di doctor sen dem a one room fi some medical technician test dem fi see if dem blood eligible fi di transfusion.




Dem guh dung deh an wen di test done di woman neva eligible, but di man did eligible. In fact, di man have di exact same blood type as di likkle bwoy.

Dem do weh dem haffi do an mek di transfusion an tek care a di likkle bwoy. Layta di bwoy mada an him fada fahwud an dem update dem pon everyting weh guh dung.

Di likkle bwoy eventually get betta an dem discharge him an sen him home.

Months layta di woman who did guh dung a di hospital wid har husband fi help di likkle bwoy until him mada and fada come, meet a supervisor nurse fram di hospital.

Di nurse memba har an dem staat reason bout how scary it was fi di likkle bwoy. The woman guh seh a good ting har husband blood coulda work fi di transfusion.

Di nurse gi har a puzzling look an seh (inna fi dem language). "It's not a surprise that his blood worked because he's the father." Di woman get confuse.

Wha happen was wen dem did sign off fi di blood test, dere was a clause inna di agreement weh allow di hospital fi run DNA tests in case they would need fi run certain procedures pon di likkle bwoy.

Dem neva need fi do dem procedures deh, but di tests dem did do and reveal seh di husband fi di mada a di two dawta was actually di fada fi har bes fren son!

Di nurse weh she did a talk to neva know seh dem did de deh not as parents, but as frens of the parents an en up a fly har mout bout di DNA results.

Suh yeah, di fada of di two dawta been a sleep wid him wife bes fren fi years, an a suh she did have di likkle bwoy.

What a prekeh.

Aye sah! Life.

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