Deacon go obeah man fi church bredda

November 09, 2017

G reetings, TamFam. Bless up unuh self inna di place. Mi always haffi special hail mi Ragashanti Live listeners. Respek max out.

On to di drama.

A deacon inna a church up ya inna Trump Lan originally come from Jamaica. Him always a encourage people fi walk right in di name of God and fi always strive fi obtain righteousness inna dem life. In so doing, him always a encourage him fellow church brothers and sisters from Jamaica fi leggo nuff tings weh dem used to do a yaad because him seh dem tings deh ungodly.

As such, him seh dem nuh fi listen reggae music, even if is gospel reggae music. Dem nuh fi go di popular West Indian Day Parade weh keep a New York City every year because is a "gathering of secular people engaging in inappropriate behaviour." Him seh dem can go fundraising dinners, only if di event is sponsored by a church. Dem nuh fi drink any form a alcohol. One whole heap a rules and regulations fi di church people dem falla.

So dis other man ya now, him don't go di church, but him woman go. And di only reason him know di deacon and know how him stay a because him woman show him di deacon and she always a tell him tings bout him. But dis bredda ya now admit seh him have a likkle obeah man who him go to every now and den fi get him likkle fix up. Him nuh seh exactly wah him go di obeah man fa, but jus admit seh him go to him. Also, because him always give di obeah man some heavy tip, him and di obeah man turn good frens separate from when di obeah man a wuk obeah fi him.




So, one time now when him a go di obeah man, a di deacon dat him see a lef di same place! Yeah, di deacon did deh a di obeah man. Di man seh him mek sure him neva ask di obeah man bout di deacon when him go een fi him 'treatment' cause him neva waan appear like him a loud up di ting.

But one time now him and di obeah man a beat two liquor a one bar, and a deh so him neatly bring up the subject of di deacon and a draw out di obeah man. Di obeah man end up a reel out everything. A regula di deacon go to di obeah man. Most a di time him go deh fi increase him prosperity, but since of late him been a fling obeah pon another elder inna di church. Him tell di obeah man seh a di elder wife tell him fi go to him cause di elder a abuse har and she need help. So di deacon a mek it look like seh a nuh him waan claat dung him fellow church brother wid obeah, and dat is totally di objective of di elder wife. Of course di obeah man doan believe him, but him jus work wid it.

Di man go home go tell him woman bout di deacon. She seh she nah stop go di church cause she know di rest a di church is not like him, and dat she jus a go stay wide from him.

But seet deh. Yuh always haffi careful a di one dem weh get up everyday, nonstop, a seh tings weh mek dem selves look good certain way. A dem usually guilty of all kinda crasses behind closed doors.

Anyways, a leggomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so inna di STAR. Bless.


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