Father's dirty deeds found in garbage bin

November 16, 2017

Dis likkle boy an him fren dem did a play hide an seek. Somehow him decide fi hide inna him naybour dem big garbage bin. Him fren dem look fi him an couldn’t find him. Afta dat him come out an run goh ova to him fren dem a laugh how dem couldn’t find him.

Di whole a dem excited an a talk to dem one anneda wen one a dem notice a likkle picture a stick on pon him. Wen him tek off di pic di poor likkle boy see say a him fada a use him face a do di tings dem to one a di oda likkle boy big sista, who live nex to him an him family.

In oda words, di likkle boy fada a do di tings dem wid di naybor dem big dawta, who is 28 years old.

Di likkle boy fren dem staat laugh an dat cause him fi staat bawl. Him run weh fram dem goh back a him house a bawl same way, an a shout fi him mada. Him mada ask him wa him a bawl fa an him tell har. Wen she ask fi di pic him couldn’t find it. Soh him an him mada goh out weh him did deh fi di pic.

Dem reach back a him fren dem an him mada sternly ask dem fi di pic. Di whole a dem point pon one an say a him have di pic. Di mada ask him fi it an him gi it to har. Di mada look pon di pic an den tell di whola dem fi goh home. She also bring home har son.

Di mada watch out di naybor house till she see di dawta come home. She walk right out deh an widout saying anything she jus shub di pic inna di 28 year old young lady hand. Di dawta look pon di pic an get shocked an run weh goh inna har house. Di mada walk goh back to har house.

Layta di dawta come ova di mada house an ring di bell. Wen di mada goh a di door di dawta staat bawl an say she come fi apologize. She explain say a long time she an di mada husband a do di tings dem, an dat a she first did staat flirt wid di husband an look him. Di mada ask har why she dweet? She say a simply because she tink him “very sexy” cause him work out an always a jog pass har house. She also say him neva know she did setup a digital camera fi tek him pic wen dem a do di tings dem, an dat she did print some a di pics dem pon har personal printer. S

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