Toothpaste change mek wifey curious

November 30, 2017

This woman suspect seh har husband a bun har an decide fi investigate fi find out wa really a gwaan.

She try fi get inna him phone but couldn't get een. She successfully get inna him Facebook account an him email but neva find anyting fi do wid bunning.

One day though she notice him staat use a new toothpaste name Sensodyne. She ask him why him change him toothpaste.

Him seh him neva like how di one weh him did a use taste, an dat di Sensodyne taste betta an clean betta.

Dis neva mek sense to him wife, cause one, di Sensodyne toothpaste was fi sensitive teeth, not anyting fi do wid brushing betta.

And two, she done medz seh di Sensodyne toothpaste neva taste betta dan di Colgate toothpaste weh dem been a use fi years. A suh di wife pree seh supm inna supm regarding di toothpaste.

Two day neva pass good wen di man get rid a di Sensodyne toothpaste an staat use a teeth whitening toothpaste.

Dis mek him wife even more suspicious, cause she a seh den a wa mek him tek jus two use outa di Sensodyne toothpaste an den jus dash it weh suh?

Dis mek she decide fi guh back inna him email an him Facebook account fi see if she can figure out anyting new.

Wen she guh inna him Facebook Messenger she see one message thread fram a woman wid one a har text a explain say it's a big deal for her to make sure she always talk to men who have really pretty teeth and clean tongue.

She read further an see seh some freaky tings did a write inna a stushish, decent way. She read weh di woman seh she had a great time wen he "went down there", and that she's turned on with a "clean mouth" down there.

In anneda text she seh she did a dead wid laugh wen him did buy di wrong toothpaste, an dat di new one was di right one.

Of course all dis prove to di wife seh di whole ting wid di toothpaste had to do wid dis woman who har husband a swipe.

Wifey move to him bout him freaky dental appointments an di boss tek God offa di cross seh nuttin nuh guh suh.

She nuh wile him tho, cause now she have a man pon di side who she a gi dental work. Lol.

Awright, leggomentz again. See unu same place ya soh nex week. Sen mi unu drama dem at Bless up.


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