Di curious case of di plantains

December 07, 2017

Dis yute seh him an him woman deh almost a year now. Dem spen a lot a time togeda a each oda apartment.

Every night is eeda she deh a fi him apartment, or him deh a fi har apartment.

Dem also cook fi each other. Dem goh restaurants nuff an order nuff delivery too, but dem cook fi each other wen dem can find time. In so doing, di two a dem familiar which each oda cooking habits.

Bossy seh fram early out him notice seh him lady love fried plantain. Nuff time she fry it inna dem breakfast an more while, she even fry some as a side dish fi dem dinna.

However, him seh even though she usually buy several ripe plantain and every now and then a green one, him ongle see she fry ripe plantains and neva yet fry di green one dem.

Him seh dis gwaan fi a while until him decide fi feel har out. Him ask har if she nuh like fried green plantain. She ansa yes, she like dem, but seh she generally prefer di ripe one dem, cause dem softer.




Har ansa confuse him even more. It mek him staat wonda, wah happen to di green plantain dem? She wi buy one green one, den buy several ripe ones over a period of time, fry di ripe ones over that period, den afta some time pass, she buy anneda green one.

Soh wa happen to di original green one? Him seh him sure is not dat di green one get ripe an she fry it. An it wouldn't mek sense fi she buy a green plantain fi wait till it ripe, while at the same time a buy an a fry ripe ones.

Di ting a badda him soh much dat him staat pree har fi see if him can ketch har a do wateva she been a do wid di green plantain dem.

Di dawg all a laugh an a seh it wouldn't badda him if she been a use di plantain dem inna some freaky acts wid har self, but only dat him woulda tell har fi stap use plantain an staat use banana, caa di plantain dem too big. Dwl.

Him seh him wi update mi if him find out wa she a do wid di green plantain dem, weda a supm freaky or not. lol.

Awright, a it dat again. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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