Husband get ketch wid vacuum cleaner

December 14, 2017

Yoggo, yoggo, yow! Wah gwaan, TamFam? Blessings to all a mi Ragashanti Live peeps. Hope everything jiggy wid unuh.

On to di drama:

So, a woman pree di last bunning mix-up and send mi a similar drama wid she and har husband. She seh after nine years together him whole attitude start change. Him get distant and a have problems wid a whole heap a foolishness. One day she ask him straight up if him a see a next woman? She seh him neva ansa no, but instead seh she fi stop ask him fool-fool questions. She seh di guilty look pon him face when him ansa convince har seh him did a act shady, and give weh himself seh him a bun har. So she decide fi find out.

She start investigate him. When him drive out, she jump inna fi har car and trail him. Pon weekends when him seh him gaan golfing, she trail him and spy him out. Some days she tek time off from har work and stalk him di whole day. But wid all di watching and stalking, she neva ketch him wid any woman or ketch him a do anything suspicious.

One day though, she notice seh dung inna di basement weh har husband always deh, fix up neatish. She seh it fix up inna a way weh it mus did have a 'woman's touch'. She became convinced seh woman did dung deh. One next time she seh dem bedroom did have a strange smell weh neva de deh before, and dat di bed did have some details inna di way how di sheet did spread weh neva look di way how she did lef it.

From all a dat, she did a plan fi set up secret cameras inna di bedroom and dung a di basement. But before she get fi do dat, one day she a vacuum di bedroom and sup'm tell har seh fi check di vacuum container fi see wah it pick up. When she check it she find some small red particles weh she seh any woman woulda know seh come offa woman clothes an dem neva match any a fi har clothes dem.




Afta dat, she start check di vacuum often and always check di container. Eventually she find more sheddings from fabric and a button wid strings from di garment weh it pap off from. She den study di button and di string dem and draw a wicked card pon har husband. She present him wid divorce papers and tell him seh she set up camera inna di room and have recording a him a sort out woman inna dem bedroom, and dat one time him all pap off one a har button. Di husband get bummy and start bawl and confess. Him apologise and beg har nuh fi leave. When she neatly bring up back di button, him tell har seh she fi give him a chance cause she mus did see pon di video when di bunna-woman realise di button did pap off, and dem did a look fi it an couldn't find it, dat him did panic and tell har say him a go stop cheat wid har cause if him wife find di button she a go vex an him would neva leave him wife. Dwl!

She seh di divorce papers were just as fake as har story seh she record him a bun har.

Man get ketch wid a vacuum. LOL.

Awright, leggomentz again. Link mi wid unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless.


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