Wah one hair can cause

January 11, 2018

Last week Thursday dis woman goh fi use har bathroom an notice a likkle strawn a strange hair pon har soap.

She look good pon di hair an did sure say is not fi har hair, needa har husband nor har three pickney dem.

Besides, di pickney dem neva eva use di bathroom she an har husband use. Soh whose hair was it?

Wifey did determined fi find out. She staat pree di soap an di bathroom regula. Ova several months every now an den she see more hair.

She all pree say more while di bathtub wet an moist wen it nuh supposed to. She also notice say anytime she find hair pon di soap is always wen she come home pon several Thursdays.

Eventually she hide out near di yaad pon Thursdays a wait fi see wa gwaan. One a di Thursday dem a har husband truck dat she see fahwud during di day wen him fi deh a work.

All of a sudden dem garage door open an him drive een. Him neva yet park inna dem garage, him always park outside.

She wait fi a while an tek time let har self een a dem house. She did a goh move to dem bedroom upstairs wen she hear noise a come fram di kitchen.

She tek time goh peep an was upset fi see har husband a full him belly fram a young lady who she recognise as one a

di office employee a di construction

company weh him work.


'Eating a salad'


Gyal deh up pon di kitchen counter, an di husband a 'eat a salad'. LOL. She tek time draw weh an open di door weh lead down to dem basement.

She lock back di door an wait a di top a di basement stairs. She continue listen an fram di sound dem she coulda tell say dem did a do everyting inna sex. Everyting!

Wen dem done, she hear di woman say she a run goh shower, an har husband tell har fi hurry up caa dem haffi goh back a work quick.

Wen wifey hear di shower she tek time goh up a di bathroom an buss open di curtain!! Di woman scream wen she see har!! Har husband bawl out "What's wrong?" an run upstairs.

Wen him see him wife him bawl out too, "what the (you know what) yuh doing here?!!" Di wife respond, "I live here. Remember?"

Di husband tell di bunnawoman say she haffi leave immediately. Di wife watch him leave wid har an neva do dem nuttin - ongle fallow dem a rush dung di stairs into him truck inna di garage, an left.

Fram dat man lef last week Thursday him doan see back him yaad all now. Him nuh call har an she nuh call him.

Di wife say him fren dem tell har him fraid fi fahwud caa him nuh know wa she a goh do. Dem two oldest pickney say him call dem an tell dem "he has to be away working on a big contract."

Di wife say she nuh know wa a goh happen between dem - but she nuh care.

An jus like dat, one strawn a hair mash up a dolly house.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh inna di STAR. Bless up fi di 2018.


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