J'can cotch up inna people yaad a farin

January 25, 2018

Suh this woman lef Jamaica an a visit the US. She did first manage fi get a visitor's visa through a friend. She come up and stay wid di fren fi a couple a weeks. She was supposed to stay for two weeks, but she change har departure date to two more weeks later. During the whole month she still stay wid har fren.

After the month pass the fren notice say she naa say nuttin bout going back to Jamaica, an jus de deh suh inna di house same way. Suh after five weeks di fren confront har an ask har wa di pree? A deh suh she tell di fren say she naa goh back a Jamaica.

Di fren get upset an ask har how is it that a fi har house she a stay inna, an done a plan fram long time fi run off, but neva say nuttin to nobaddy? Di woman wappy back an say she neva did plan fi run off, an di proof inna di fact say she pay money fi change har return ticket to a later date.

But di fren say nuttin nuh guh soh, an still maintain say she did done plan fi stay fram di get-go cause dats why she travel wid four big suitcase wid all a har tings dem – an all pay extra money fi carry two a di suitcase dem. She say nobaddy a travel fi di first time, fi two weeks, an carry four big suitcase.

Dem argue an cuss till di fren tell di woman she gots to go! Di woman lef an find smaddy else fi gwaan kotch wid.

Months layta di fren boyfren approach har an say him have supm fi tell har. Him say she have all right fi bex, but she fi memba say him nain haffi tell har. Him say di issue did a ride him an di way how him love har him conclude say him haffi tell har.

Him say him woman ex-fren, di woman weh did a stay a har yaad,  did see him a one Golden Krust restaurant an did bring up di drama between she an him woman. She beg him say she want him advice, but him mus neva goh back an say nuttin to him woman bout it, caa she nuh waan nuh war.

Eventually him an har staat hang out an a chat nuff.

One day di woman ask him fi come pick up supm weh she a beg him drap off some weh fi har. Wen him guh di yaad him see a nex woman de deh. Dem a hang out an a drink an a chat fi a while, den braps!...di woman fren move to him an staat  gwane wid things. 

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