Father and son mix-up

February 01, 2018

Dis woman suspect say har husband a gwaan wid likkle bunning an decide fi scope out him phone.

But all di look she a look she nuh find nuttin.

One day she touch dung pon a strip mall a goh pharmacy. Wen she park an a walk to di pharmacy she did haffi pass a supamarket.

She see har 17-year-old son a walk an talk wid a woman. She estimate say she inna har 30s.

She get curious an staat spy out har son. She watch dem till dem come outa di supamarket an drive weh inna di woman car. She tried calling har son but him neva ansa him phone.

Afta dat she neatly ask har son how was him day. Him end up a lie to har bout weh him did deh. She get suspicious an did waan spy out har son phone too, but him have passcode pon it. Soh she staat spy him out differently.

One day she notice har son get a call an him fly outa di house quick an jump inna him car. She decide fi falla him.

Him drive goh straight to di back a di same mall weh she did see him inna di supamarket. Him come outa him car an goh inna di same car weh him did inna wid di big woman.

A deh soh she see say di big woman in deh. She did a figga say a dem meet up spot dat fi gwaan wid likkle supm-supm.

But afta dat anneda car drive up, wid a young girl a drive, an wen she look, is har husband dat come outa di young girl car!!

Den di woman an har son come outa fi dem car, har son kiss di young girl an har husband kiss di big woman!! Yeah, di son is not di one weh a shell out di big woman; is har husband!

At least a soh it look. Pon top a dat she notice di woman gi di young girl har handbag fi she tek supm outa it, suggesting that she an di young girl cool like dat.

Di big woman den drive weh wid har husband, an har son lef fi him car an drive weh wid di young girl. 

She a ask mi wa mi tink a gwaan wid dem. Mi tell har mi nuh know but there are many possibilities. She say she fraid fi investigate further cause she might cyaan manij wa she find out.

Mi tell har mi naa tell har wa fi do, but dat it a goh haad fi she totally ignore all a wa she see.

A doan know wa she a goh do.

Awright, a it dat. Leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at  ragashanti@tambourineradio.com See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless.



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