Fruits, juice and exotic eating

February 08, 2018

Dis young woman up ya a inna di Big Apple a work a one a dem very popu league dere an di two a dem tun fren. She say she did swear she would neva date anyone weh she work, but because di bwoy was soooo pleasant, nice, always mek she laugh, an always a tek care a har, she decide fi tek a chance an staat date him straight up.

Dem a gwaan good till dem staat do di tings dem. She seh all dat did nice too. She seh him really neva too hundred wid him skills, but dat him good enough fi gi har some good pleasure, an dat because she really like him, dat mek she enjoy it more.

Anyways, one night likkle shellings a gwaan, an she notice him staat kiss-kiss an a goh dung. Dat neva badda har, caa she know a fi him style dat wen him a goh face up to di matter. But she seh dis time wen him staat do him ting she feel a likkle coldish, smooth supm a rub dung deh. She seh she neva mek it badda har, an she jus gwaan wine up inna glory.

But den she seh she feel supm softish an coldish, an decide fi tek a prips an see wa really a gwaan. Wen she look she shock! Missa man dung deh wid a whole heap a cut up fruits!! She jus jump offa a di bed fram him quick. She seh she see grapes, ripe banana weh peel an cut up inna small pieces, pieces a apple, papaya, an a few oda cut-up fruits. Is like di dawg a work wid a green grocery.

She ask why him do dat? Him seh him did jus a spice up di ting an do supm different. She get upset an tell him fi leave ... caa dem did deh a fi har place. Afta dat she an him nuh deal, an it did awkward a dem job. She all staat bex wid har self fi goh back pon har rule an gaan date man a har work place.

Afta a while tho she staat miss him. Wen she memba all a him nice qualities, an how she into him, it staat ride har an she decide fi gi him a talk. She hol a reasoning wid him an mek him know say she nuh mind likkle surprises, but dat it did mash up har head fi see say him screechy an did a fling up dem whole heap a fruits deh inna har hallelujah. Him apologize an dem slowly staat talk again, an before yuh know it dem deh full out again, an she staat run back di good-good pon him.

Den people, unu nuh know say afta a while a she tell missa man say him fi run back di fruit swiping! Yeah. An him did staat gwaan again. Bwoy nuh ramp fi soak him fruits an mek dem glisten inna juice before him eat dem.

Awright, a it dat. Leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless.


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