Husband and wife in bun giving contest

March 08, 2018

Suh dis couple married fi almost 20 years and have children an sittin-sittin. Di wife know say har husband do road fram lang time, outa road a bun har all di time. Ova di years dem have dem drama bout it, but dem eventually settle eena a riddim weh work fi dem.

Di trute is dat di wife a bun di husband too. In fact, di wife have a bunnaman weh she a deal wid fi 10 years now. Di bunnaman married too. And yeah, while she an di bunnaman a duggu-duggu fi 10 years, neither of dem waan fi leave dem marriage. Both a dem jus waan di bunning relationship fi stay jus di way it is.

More while, di bunnaman did haffi drive fi him wife car. Wen him a drive har car, him connect him phone to di car Bluetooth, which enable him fi use the phone hands-free while driving.

One day now, him a drive een a him yaad at di same time him wife did a drive out. While him a drive een, him did deh pon di phone inna him car a talk to him bunnawoman - di same one weh him a dagga wid fi 10 years - di same one weh married to fi har husband fi almost 20 years. But as him a drive een, di Bluetooth inna him wife car pick up him phone, an har car stereo staat blast him conversation wid him side woman!

Insteada him wife tan quiet an gwaan listen di convo, like a eediat she guh immediately bawl out, "a which gyal dat yuh a chat to suh?" Di husband hang up quick.

Him an di bunnawoman neva did really a chat nuttin saucy, but di wife still pick up seh har husband an di woman pon di phone inna tings. Di wife move to har husband bout di call, but him deny everyting.

Fi one year now di bunnaman deh pon a phone family plan wid him wife. Dis mek di wife able fi easily find out di numba a di bunnawoman. Di wife notice seh har husband been a talk to di woman she hear pon di phone may times, fi long hours, fram dem family plan staat (but she nuh know seh di link actually de deh fram nine years before dat).

Dis prompt di wife fi staat call di bunnawoman regular an a cuss har seh she a mash up a happy family and a happy home. She all threaten har seh she a goh track har dung an turn up a har yaad wid bare excitement.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu prekeh dem at See unu nex week same place ya soh. Bless up unu self propa.


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