Friendship mash up ova oral sex

March 15, 2018

Real ting, two female friend up ya a di Bronx always a do road wid dem one anneda. One a di flex weh dem gwaan wid all di time is fi neatly buss dem one anneda pon a man weh each a dem sort out - or, on rare occasions, dem wi run a 'threes'.

Dem run di same ting pon a hot Haitian bwoy from Manhattan. Usually afta di two a dem sort out a man of their choosing dem we meet an compare notes.

Fren number one hear har fren a talk bout how di man gave her good oral sex.

Fren number one den point out say di man neva did that an staat wonda why. Fren one get obsessed wid wanting fi know why di man love dweet to har fren but not she.

She all double-check har self fi mek sure 'dung deh' propa.

One day fren number two deh a Soho in Manhattan an see Missa Sar, an him a act like him nuh inna har. Dem talk till she ask him fi tell har wa a gwaan.

Bossy ask har why she tink dem awful tings deh bout Haitian people but still sleep wid him?? Of course she get confuse an ask him wa him a chat bout.

Him explain say har fren tell him say she (fren number two), believe dat Haitian people a some backward, voodoo-working people an dat Haiti is indeed wa Trumpy say it is: a s*****le country.

Fren two shock an tell him nuttin nuh goh soh! She den explain to him wa really a gwaan wid di jealousy.

Missa Sar laugh an say is simply dat fi har 'peach' (fren number two) jus "prettier".

So him and she staat link regula, widout telling di fren and eventually Missa Sar breed har.

Fren number one get bex an staat cuss har fren bout how she did a "whore out" har self wid Missa Sar behind har back.

Of course a right deh soh fren-2 jus wap up fren-1 wid all di lies weh she tell pon har to Missa Sar.

Fren-1 get shock an staat bawl an a apologise. Di convo end up relatively cool, but fren two say she can neva again trus har.

Now dem a nuh enemy, but dem a nuh fren eeda.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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