May the 'feel good' virus infect you

April 04, 2018

Greetings, beautiful peeps. Good and Godly, howdy do! I want to wish a happy new ‘here’ to all of you! Yes, I mean ‘here’ and not ‘year’ although 2018 still fairly new.

But the year really starts in April from my personal point of view. Yeah, man. For my peeps up north, it means the weather is getting fair. Snow starts melting, ice starts thawing and the skies start looking clear. Flowers start blooming and birds chirping, because spring is in the air. And as an April born, it means it is time for me to start sing and cheer, because my boonoonoonoos born day is once again near.

Projecting positive vibes

So, am I happy? Yepsolutely! Yeah, a wah? 'Yepsolutely' is a new word just invented by OBE. After the ‘wall famous’ DJ bredda nuh more ‘wordical’ than me! But yes, I’m here beaming health, wealth and happiness. And I’m dancing in delight. I insist on projecting positive vibes even when things don’t seem too right.

You may say I’m ignoring reality. I say I’m defying reality. I may only be five feet four inches tall, but no problem nuh bigger than me. If you say I’m living in denial, I’d say, 'yes', but hear how me pree; denial simply means that me and problems dem nah agree. As my Apostle Andrew Scott teaches, what you say is what you’ll see. And what we speak into the atmosphere are things that will surely be. So, if the enemy builds prison walls ‘round me, I’m still saying I’m free. Yeah, blessed and highly favoured money magnet; that’s me.

I always say ‘feel good’ is a decision, and I done mek dat decision long time. And is because mi feel so good why mi all decide fi write dah box yah inna rhyme. As you read this, may the ‘feel good’ virus touch and infect like flu. If you immune to the goodness, well, I’ll be praying for you.

Look, if I say there are no pressing challenges or concerns, I’d really be a liar. But like the good book says in Romans 12:12, I’m ‘rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer’. Right now, mi glad bag full till gladness start running over on di ground. So, form di ring, ‘cause me inna middle a sing “all who in born in April skip around!” Yeah peeps, mi good like wow. So happy new here and now!


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