Propa flight almshouse

April 05, 2018

Di usual blessings to di TamFam crew and to mi Ragashanti Live listeners. Mek we jump straight to di drama nuh.

So, right ya now a Asia mi deh. Of course, it was di usual long flight fi come ova ya. A two flights mi did tek di first was fi bout three hours and di second was almost 15 hours.

Afta we board di second flight, a woman come ask di passenger in front a me if him can change seat wid har so dat she can be beside har boyfriend? Di man ansa, "No." She ask him again, and di man still say no. Den di man say she and har boyfriend can go ask di person beside har dung a fi har seat if dat person waan switch wid har boyfriend so dat she and him can sit together back deh? Mi surprise when she say she nah go ask da passenger deh because "we prefer to have your seat". Di man did surprise at har response too, and it mek him get bringle and start crush up him face wicked. Yuh coulda see it say har response mek him wussa nah leggo him seat fi accommodate she and har man.

When yuh pree di levels tho, she bright! As di saying goes, beggars are not choosers, so it mek sense dat since she and har man were seated separately fi di flight weh a nearly 15 hours, dat dem would try all options fi get fi sit togeda. But instead di crasses dem a go tell di man weh buy him ticket fi him rightful seat dat a fi him sittings dem want. Outa order!

Anyway, di man frownze pon dem and claat dem wid body language weh basically say dem fi go weh and lowe him. People, yuh nuh know say di woman and har man start harbour good-good bexation pon di man, a badmind him fi him seat and start talk bout how him inconsiderate and bay tings. But di man nuh pay dem no mind.

So, di woman go back a har seat dung a back and di man stay inna fi him seat beside har man.




At one point di man lef a drink weh him have a him seat, and get up an go bathroom. Peeps, yuh nuh know say di gyal man pick up di man juice and quick-quick kinda ben ova between him legs and do sittin wid di man juice. If mi tell yuh say mi know wah him do, a woulda lie mi a tell cause mi honestly neva see. But mi damn well sure him neva have nuh reason fi tek up di man drinks. Mi mind tell mi say him mussi spit inna it.

Now, mi usually nuh get involved inna people prekeh, but mi spirit did a ride mi say if smaddy did see sittin lakka dat deh wid mi, mi woulda want dem tell mi. So, as soon as di man fahwud mi calmly tell him, "sir, do not drink the remainder of your drink." Him look pon mi strange and ask mi why? Mi tell him say di bwoy did tek it up and ben ova and do sittin wid it. Him ask mi wah? Mi tell mi nuh know. Same time di bwoy ask mi if mi mad, and a seh, "Why are you lying on me?" Mi promptly respond, "Yeah, why?" Di man jus immediately push di flight attendant button. Di flight attendant come and di bwoy still insist him neva tek up drink. And mi hold it say him did tek it up. Inna di midst a di flight attendant investigation di eediat bwoy go basically say, "Even if anything did happen to di man drinks, him woulda deserve it anyway because di man is an a..hole." Same time di flight attendant start rough him up and mek him know say she will report him to di purser (lead flight attendant) and di captain and arrange fi him get lock up when di plane land. Him quat afta dat.

Everything quash deh so and all a we go back to minding we own business fi di rest a di flight.

But mi jus remind mi self, once yuh an smaddy inna fuss never you leave your drinks or food round dem.

All right, leggomentz again. Send mi unuh prekeh dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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