Wife get lock out fi a month

April 26, 2018

Bragadap Brap Brap! Wah gwaan, peeps? Mi say di travelling and working been a mash mi up yuh see. Mi did haffi fi work pon di Love and Harmony Cruise, so mi did deh a sea fi five days. Den pon di same day di cruise end, mi shub out fi host a festival a Japan, so mi de deh fi ova a week. Den mi drop back pon mi ends fi a few more days before mi shub out again fi Ghana. Mi still deh a Ghana ya now. Bare movements yow. But it soon get less hectic.

Big up all Tamfammers an all Ragashanti Live listeners. Nuff protection to unuh and unuh families. May good duppy falla unuh.

All right, ketch da one ya:

Every time dis woman and har husband ketch up, she love lock out di man. As soon as likkle vexation come between dem, a she dat a wait fi any chance weh him go outta door fi lock him out. Di husband have him own key, but dem have some kinda super security system weh dem can lock dung dem whole house from di inside. And when mi say lock dung, mi really mean lock dung! All windows just automatically lock dung too. All one likkle door weh deh way up pon dem roof weh lead to dem attic lock dung too. Absolutely no way in.

So all inna winter di man carry out garbage and can't get back inna him house cause him wife lock him out. Dis grown man haffi gwaan ova him neighbour yaad a call and beg him wife fi stop di foolishness and let him een. Di man keep on a tell har say nuh matta wa kinda argument dem have, neither a dem supposed to a lock out di other. But him appeals drop pon deaf ears.

It reach di point weh she dweet again and him outside a argue wid har a dem bedroom window upstairs, and him tell har say she wouldn't like it if him do di same ting to har. She buss out a big dutty laugh and say him wouldn't dare! She talk up a bag a tings how dat woulda be him last day pon earth, and how di moment him do dat him woulda give up all chance fi eva come back inna di house.

Fi years she continue di foolishness until one day she come home and couldn't get inna dem house. When she check wah a gwaan, she see say dem house was actually locked down wid di same fancy security system weh she always a use pon di man. She get mad and beat dung windows and doors fi get har husband fi open di door, but nutten.




A deh so now one a har female neighbours come to har and tell har say har husband not in there. Di neighbour say di husband informed all relevant neighbours that he will be away for a month and that his wife will not be able to enter their house and that a fi dem business if dem want to offer her shelter.

Di husband all did a video the times dem when she did a lock him out. Him bring all a di recordings to di police and informed dem dat if him wife report him missing that she would be incorrect. Him tell di police dem him a cut fi a month and that he will be quite safe and sound.

Di wife rebel and tell di police say dem fi let har in cause she have all rights fi be inna di house no matter what. Di police dem respond dat "so was he all those times you locked him out." Di police dem also say any sanction that would be due to him fi lock har out can be applied to har "many fold" which mean any punishment him can get she can get di same multiplied by nuff.

Miss Lady get humble yuh see.

And yuh fi see di neighbour dem a laugh after har. She did haffi call har sista dung a Philadelphia fi drive two hours up to New York City fi pick har up and keep har fi di month. After a month di husband did return, and after three more weeks she eventually return to dem house. From dat, anytime she and har husband have drama she neva lock him out again.

All right, a leggomentz again. Send mi unuh chattings at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unuh next week. Bless up unuh self.


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