Guyanese guzum

May 03, 2018

This Jamaican man a date a Guyanese woman up ya inna Orange Man lan. Dem end up a spen time a each oda apartment.

One time, di man goh eena di woman fridge a di bottom weh use fi keep ground produce. Him did a look fi carrot.

Him find di carrot dem, but him did also see supm wrap up inna a black bag tuck way inna di cawna under some oda ground produce.

It did also tie up wid cord. Him neva pay it nuh mind, him jus tek out di carrot weh him did a look fa an goh back to him cooking.

Afta months an months, him keep on a notice say di bag was always there. Him staat wonda if supm in deh fi spoil.

Him decide say him a guh ask har bout it. Wen him ask har, she tell him say a beetroot, an it naa goh spoil.

Him staat pree say weh she say nuh mek sense cause him know beetroot will eventually spoil like any oda food.




Him all pree say di shape a wah eva inna di bag too long fi have di shape a beetroot. Him staat wonda a wa really a gwaan.

One day wen she neva deh a har apartment, him decide fi tek faas an find out a wa really inna di bag.

Wen him open di bag, is anneda black bag him see. Him open da one deh too an it reveal even one more black bag.

Wen him open di tird black bag, him frighten fi see wa him eventually realise was two chicken foot and one pig foot tie up togeda.

Di meat dem have a purpleish color. Den written in red pon di tie up meat dem were the letters 'TM'.

Him get confused an curious. Him ask him mada bout it, an she laugh an ask him if him nuh see say a some form a obeah di woman a wuk! Him mada say she doan know exactly wa him woman a do, but wateva it is it cyaan be good.

Layta him find out say di initials of har ex-husband a 'TM'.

Now him a tink bout fi lef har, but say apart fram di obeah sittin, a di best relationship him eva inna. Him say him still a guh leggo tho. Aay sah.

Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex week same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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