Let's treasure the good mothers

May 14, 2018

Mi fabulous Jamaican people, how unuh do? Big up all a di foreigners too 'cause from yuh love 'talk di tings', mi love yuh too! Heelllllllleerrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Run out pan dem!

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I could not help but think about what a great job mothers have done to populate and preserve the world. Women are the mothers of the nations. None a we woulda deh bout yah if a nuh fi wi madda dem! Big up mi cleeeeannnn, nice madda Mrs Marjorie Hylton, aka Lady Marj. Mi love you to de end a de worrrll and back! A my Don dat!

Women are so strong. Just think about it; how many persons can appreciate the blood, sweat and tears, the trials and tribulations that women go through to deliver children and to look after them from when they are born to adulthood? We take childbirth for granted, not realising that so many things can go wrong during the gestation period, delivery, the adverse effects after birth, etc. A fi dem reason deh and nuff nuff more, mothers must be appreciated.

Mi love and respect my mother to the space inna di tile weh she walk pon, so it hurt mi soul when mi read how some children disrespect and ill-treat their mothers. Dem pickney deh mussi possess by demons or a wuk wid Lucifer! Dem waan prayer and fasting. Unuh fi memba di Bible honour they mother and father. Many mothers often do the work of fathers when di wukliss sperm donor dem disappear after impregnating the women.

To be fair, there are many men who do a great job as 'mothers', whether or not the mothers are absent temporarily or permanently. I want to take the time out to salute those men who are fulfilling the 'mother role' when di 'carriers' dem gone bout dem business and abandon dem responsibility. If it's OK to big up mothers on Father's Day, then it only fair fi big up the fathers on Mother's Day. Nuff father a gwaan good all a plait hair, toe ribbon and ensure that their children get the best.

Truth be told, some women give motherhood a bad name and do not deserve to be mothers. Some a dem only bring scourge pan de earth fi maim, rob and kill. Mi nah big up dem woman deh who nuh look after dem pickney properly.




Motherhood is demanding. It requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication and selflessness, so mek sure unuh check unuh self if unuh really embark on this lifetime journey. If yuh nuh ready, keep yuh ovaries under your rib cage until such time. Some woman only run go ketch belly for selfish reasons - like fi hold di man or fi get gift pon Mother's Day.

Nuff people love fi cuss holidays and seh dat a too much free time and people haffi work in order fi produce. Mi nah tell nuh lie, one new holiday shoulda definitely be Mother's Day. That is one particular holiday about which there could or should be no complaint. I hope dat yesterday unuh tek care a unuh mothers and mek dem feel special. Every day shoulda be Mothers' Day! Don't wait for that one day every year to show your appreciation for all this special woman has done for you.

By the way, one does not have to biologically give birth to a child to mother a child. Big up to all women who have mothered your children, other people's children and give them motherly love. Big up to the all the 'Mothers By Association', aka MBAs. A dat group mi deh inna jus fi now. But nuh worry, mi soon can get official Mother's Day gift, too! Woooiiiee, my placenta! LOL.

Until next time ... mi a go buss another big kiss pan mi cllleeeeeaaannnn, ambitious, educated mother. Lady Marj, yuh a di best. Thank you, thank you thankkkk youuuuuu! Lalaallaalaalaalaalalaalalalalalalala!!!

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