Caught in cheating mix-up

May 17, 2018

There were two good female friends mek we call one Sheila an di oda one Lucy.

Suh Sheila find out say har man a bun har. She do har investigation and track dung di catty weh har man a bun har wid. Den she guh tell har best fren, Lucy, bout di catty. Lucy get bex an immediately hate di bunna woman. Fi mek matters worse, di two a dem later find out say di bunna gyal actually know say di man weh she a dash out pon have him woman. She know who Sheila is, an know say she live wid di man, but she still a grind him. Dis mek Lucy get heated. Lucy a di type a woman who jus cyaan undastan how a woman can know say a man have a straight up woman, live wid di woman, know who di woman is, an still deh wid him. Lucy en up a chat bay bad tings bout di bunna woman.

Anyways, months pass, an one day Sheila mek Lucy know say she a bun har man. She tell Lucy say she meet di man as a friend of a friend, an dat him good inna bed. Lucy did jus a gwaan listen an naa judge har. Eventually though, Sheila mek Lucy know say di bunna man weh she a sleep wid live wid him woman. Wen Lucy hear dat, she ask Sheila if she specifically know who di woman is. Sheila say yes, an describe di woman to a T - she explain say di woman a one simple church girl who work in a department store. She said that there was dis one time di bunna man even introduce har to di woman as a fren, an di woman smile up wid har an nice to har an nuh know say she a sleep wid her man.

Lucy get bex. She staat look pon Sheila different. She cyaan undastan how Sheila can suh cold an wicked. Worse, she memba how Sheila used to gwaan morally superior an self-righteous wen har man did a bun har, but now she nuh see nuttin wrang wen she a bun har man.

Lucy frownze an frownze til Sheila see waa gwaan an ask har fi come clean. Lucy talk har mind an mek Sheila see di pree. Sheila den staat wrinch di most way an a tell Lucy say di most important ting is dem frenship, an as such, dem fi always back each other nuh matta weh eeda a dem do. But Lucy cyaan get past di fact say Sheila a violate a very important principle weh she hold. An she still nuh like it say Sheila can speak out soh strongly gainst supm wen it a happen to har, but totally agree wid it wen she a do it to smaddy else.

Dem a still fren, but now Lucy a pree Sheila pon a levels. It serious.

A it dat. Leggomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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