Dancehall is a Jamaican gold mine

May 21, 2018
Anthony Minott/freelance photographer Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall for season 11 Safiyah and Blugo.

It's all about the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, Jamaica's most popular talent TV show!!

Last Saturday on the grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Club, the grand finale of season 11 was held and it was an enthralling, magnificent and a veritable entertaining affair.

It is now history that Safiyah (small in stature but badder dan bagga wire) was crowned the 2018 Queen and Bluugo (bigger and better dan Huuuugoooo) the 2018 King!

Nuff, nuff respeck due to the runners-up Bad Gyal Jade and Hungupungeh, who consistently shelled di place from week to week. If dem did win, nobaddy cudden complain!

Congratulations are definitely in order for the truly deserving winners, who grew tremendously as the season progressed.

It was evident that these diamonds in the rough possessed natural ability and merely needed guidance, practice and a platform from which to launch themselves.




But these budding artistes nuh have no time fi rest pan dem laurels! Dem haffi start wuk nnnoowww! No honeymoon nuh deh round ere! Hellleeerrrrr!!

As Konshens, guest judge at the finale, seh ah de end ah de show, dem fi reach studio di same night ah di crowning!!! Talent alone cannot do it. It takes a lot of ambition, determination and hard work to reach the top.

Nuff talented artistes from Magnum competitions over the years, including winners, have disappeared as if they never existed. Hopefully this will not happen to these winners.

The future is pregnant with promise, and I hope that they will keep their eyes on the prize, put their shoulders to the wheel and, whenever necessary, wheel and come again in order to have a successful career and reap the rewards.

Mi naw lie, dancehall nice!!! We have a gold mine inna Jamaica and ah joke wid it!

This season was filled with many memorable moments! From Hungupungeh's monster hit Di Laughing Song to Blugo dancing, from Bad Gyal Jade's spike out hairstyle to her outfit, to Inibal's big bad slang "if I'm lying, I'm dying".

Hopefully the powers that be, Government, private sector, people from the music industry et al will come on board and support the music, especially young, auspicious artistes like Safiyah and Bluugo.

See you soon for season 12. Lalalalalalalalalalalalala!!! Big up God!

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