Car scam inna Florida

May 31, 2018

Dis woman buy a brand-new car fram a dealership inna Florida and immediately a do road.

Bout two weeks after she buy di car, she a blaze pon di highway, an di car staat gwaan a way.

Two-twos di car a sputter-sputter an bruk dung wid har a road. Good ting it was day.

She guh suh bam an call di police fi help. While she de deh a wait, she get a call fram di man who sell har di car say him jus a call fi check up pon har.

She respond dat is a good ting him call cause di car actually jus bruk dung. Di man express surprise and say him a guh immediately arrange fi di car get pick up an fix an dat in the meantime, him a guh gi har a loaner car fi she gwaan drive.

In two days, di car fix, an she get it back an staat do road again.

Several months, later di man call har again an ask har how di car a gwaan an gi har a roadside assistance number weh him say she fi call if she should eva again get inna problems wid di car.

Two days afta dat, di car bruk dung again.




She staat pree say sittin fishy. She medz how him did call right wen di car did first bruk dung, and now him call and two days later, di car bruk dung again.

Har instincts tell har fi call di police. Dem put har on to a detective who quietly link up wid di management a di car dealership an neatly launch a silent investigation.

People, unu nuh know say several women who di bwoy sell cars did have di same car dem a bruk dung likkle afta dem buy dem?

Wen dem investigate further, dem find out say him did all sexually involve wid a few a di woman dem.

Additionally, one night, one a di woman did bruk dung a roadside, an a masked man come outa nowhere an rape har inna bush!

Cut long story short, dis bwoy did put some remote sittin inna di car dem weh allow him fi shut dung di car dem wen him want, an den him pose like a saviour fi di woman dem.

Di girl weh did get rape did have a uncle inna law enforcement. Dem mek him know bout di bwoy, an him move to di wretch.

Mout say di uncle beat out him nastiness to di point weh di bwoy reel out all him deeds, including a confession say a him rape di girl.

Him deh a prison ya now. Bwoy, dem a use technology inna all kinda way. Unuh haffi careful yow.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu prekeh dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up.


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