Tek di mic and usher out Gino!

June 04, 2018
Pastor Gino Jennings

Mi nice clean readers, I hope you all are well and a tek time come off a di steam weh Gino Jennings and Mr Vegas create whole week. It has indeed been a week of intense debates, as well as the opening of Pandora's box that neither individual envisaged. What I saw on social media unfolding in a church was disgraceful and chaotic. Mi mek sure fi watch it keenly and carefully, because I wanted to have the proper context on which to build my perspective.

I was extremely offended by the video I watched (about seven times), where Pastor Gino Jennings referred to women who wear make-up, nail polish with the "fake diamonds", wigs and have breast implants as "hoes". This categorisation of women as hoes was repeated several times in a disdainful and demeaning manner. He went as far as to say that if there is any pastor's wife who wears a wig or make-up, then the pastor is married to a "ho". I watched as the men and women in his congregation nodded and clapped in agreement with the blatant disrespect of themselves, their mothers, their daughters and their sisters. At one point, I noticed a woman in white like she have in false hair, and when the word drop pon her like hot drops, she sank into her chair. I am the first to admit that I am not a theologian, but I am able to use my brain and engage in critical thinking.

There is something fundamentally wrong for a pastor to be referring to women as hoes in the context and tone the Gino did. As a matter of fact, Gino didn't sound like a pastor, he sounded like a pimp! All he needed was a fur coat and his pimp cup!

A woman is not defined as a prostitute because of her attire, but rather if she is engaging in selling sex in exchange for money. To my knowledge, there is nowhere in the Bible that states that a woman is a whore or prostitute because she wears a wig or make-up. Gino bright and out of order! A who him??

The Church should be a place of inclusion and love. An environment where people can come and not feel judged or discriminated against, as is stated in Isaiah 1:18, "can come though their sins may be like scarlet, God will make them as white as snow." Revelation 22:17 is an open invitation: "Come! Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."




What I saw was utter chaos, confusion, disorder and disrespect; and God is not of those things. The situation begs many questions and raises many red flags. How is it that there was no moderator an independent, unbiased third party? Why did Gino put Mr Vegas' name on a flyer without his permission and invite him to debate? Why did Gino not end the so-called debate amicably, without resorting to physically remove Mr Vegas with an army of men? Why would a man of God and his congregation not show empathy to an invited guest? Why didn't Mr Vegas just leave the premises?

I am not saying that Mr Vegas is without blame, as he has to take some of the responsibility for the way the situation escalated. However, even if Mr Vegas is not the ideal messenger, the message must be acknowledged.

At Gino's church, women are not allowed to occupy leadership roles, preach nor teach in the church. Women are seated different from men, with the men being at the front. It doesn't take 'bible and verse' for me to know that we need to usher out that kind of teaching from our island.

I would also like to know if the churches with female pastors at the helm are in contravention of the Bible. Women of God like Tasha Cobbs, Juanita Bynum and Dr Carla Dunbar, are they hoes too because they wear wigs, nail polish and make-up? The message of modest dressing in church is not new, neither is it far-fetched. However, when a message is clad with antiquated patriarchal beliefs, disrespect and condemnation, we need fi tek his mic and usher out Gino!

Big up God straight! God is love. Him a come fi save sinners, not the righteous. Nuff a who want to usher out people, we might frighten fi see who and who deh a heaven. A nuff long-skirt, natural-hair, no-make-up-wearing wicked deh inna Church. Only God can judge me!

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