Freaky gallis

June 21, 2018

Dis housekeeper inna a hotel a Jamaica bax mi wid da one ya. She work a one a dem upscale hotel deh weh well known fi dem discretion an secrecy.

Di housekeeper a shot off har regula room-to-room cleaning wen one a har colleagues a pass har fi goh back ova to di side weh she a work.

Dem staat chat likkle bit wen di one fram di oda side pinch har say a former minister of govament have a room ova pon fi har side weh she a clean.

Di housekeeper pon di side weh dem stan up get confused an ask har if she sure cause di same man did have a room pon fi har side.

Dem do likkle checking an confirm say him did have two rooms booked. Dem neva tink nuttin of it, because it was not unusual fi one person book more dan one room.

But wa en up confuse dem was dat di two room dem did unda two different names. Furthermore him have a hot woman inna each room, an none a dem was him wife!




So him have two bunnawoman inna two different room inna a hotel, at di same time.

Dem staat pree di movements an realise say di bunnawoman pon housekeeper one side (bunnawoman one) know bout di odda bunnawoman.

But bunnawoman two doan know bout bunnawoman one.

However, fi di days dem stay a di hotel, di man spen more time wid di bunnawoman two.

By jus noticing some tings weh lef lying about inna bunnawoman one room, di housekeeper dem pree say di man freakiness buck wid har.

She see all kinda sittin fi tie up, handcuff an cause pain, an even some double-penetration sittin.

Some odda freaky toys did de deh too weh mi naa goh write bout, as dem too specific; mi nuh waan get di housekeeper dem inna trouble.

Needless to say, di man juggle between di two bunnawoman room di whole time dem de deh.

Di way how di man all a govan him ting, him an di two bunnawoman en up a eat food a one meal, an none a dem chat to dem one anneda at any point!

Dem stay deh several days an di man check out both rooms pon di same day.

Missa man, a soh yuh a gwaan papa?? LOL.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up.


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