'World Cup sweet like sugah dash weh inna Russia'

July 02, 2018
A conductor jumped from a bus, ran into the bar and hugged a fellow Brazil supporter who was watching the match between Brazil and Serbia at Masses Cozy Corner in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew, last week.
Patrons watching the preliminary round World Cup match between Argentina and Croatia and the Reggae Fountain Pub in Kingston.

Mi know seh some people belly bottom a hurt dem and dem teet dem out fi drop out because dem team get knock out and gone home. Dah World Cup yah has come with a lot of surprises, with many teams that don't normally feature big on the screen or scene a show dem class, and closing the gap between those considered as the top teams.

Di man dem come fi roll good football and gwaan wid bag a ting. World Cup sweet like seh sugah dash weh inna Sochi stadium a Russia, and mi love how we as Jamaicans log on to the positive vibes weh football bring. It's a joy to see people in a community sitting around a TV screen on the sidewalk, in front of a shop or even at a bar. The camaraderie and the touting all make for good, clean fun. Not to mention the many funerals weh keep fi di teams dem weh drop out!

Mi no think no weh else inna the world woulda think fi build a coffin wid the players or even put the German flag in a hearse. Mi seh dah one deh hurt mi to mi heart. Anybody who knows me know seh a Germany me seh! Big and proud! But they played atrociously and did not deserve to be at the World Cup based on what they exhibited.

I was disappointed that my team was sent home early, but I was not surprised, based on how they were playing. If you do not learn from history, it will condemn you. France, Italy and Spain would have suffered defeat after winning the World Cup because they brought back the same players who were four years older, and with the same style of play to the next World Cup.

The people dem call an mock me, but when fi dem side start fi drop like fly mi no hear from dem! Mi teet dem kin like kinni-forro!! Messi get a raw deal. He is a fantastic baller but cannot seem to get it right on the big stage.

Ronaldo prove himself that he has what it takes and can deliver, but 'dawg bite' Suarez from Uruguay sent him home wid him styling gel!

So in one day, Argentina and Portugal get sent to the departure lounge! The same Portugal and Argentine fans dem naa laugh so loud again and even though dem claim Germany go home first, dat no matter because a just dat we get the best seats pon the 'go-home' plane, while some a dem haffi go hold the plane wing!

If I laugh mi pop off mi wig!

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