It is better to give than to receive

July 09, 2018
Melvin Williams is dedicated blood donor.

Life isn't just about receiving, it's also about giving, being unselfish, and blessing others when you have the opportunity.

Last Friday, I had my second annual blood drive, and mi heart full of gratitude to all those who came out to donate.

When mi look and see the number of people who stopped by to donate before, during and after their work hours, I said, "To God be the glory."

When mi look again and saw the robust support from all of my sponsors, I felt overwhelmed and appreciative of the support.

No man is an island, and at the end if the day, teamwork makes the dream work.

Last year when I visited the National Blood Transfusion Service on Slipe Pen Road, it was obvious that the country was in dire need of blood.

Mi jaw dem drop when mi look an see seh the bags of blood present were not enough to save the lives of many Jamaicans.

I learnt that blood collection islandwide is not even 50 per cent of where it needs to be. I decided then and there that I had to try to do something in my own little way to help the situation.




The two editions have gone very well. Many people will complain about all that is wrong with Jamaica and stand on the sidelines and spew their negativity, yet, when yuh ask them what have they done to contribute to the growth and development of our country, dem cyaa tell yuh!

Blood saves lives, and there is no replacement for it.

It is a priceless commodity that does not cost anything to give. Once there are no health or religious reasons why one cannot give, then I believe it is our civic duty to donate.

At the end of the day, none of us will know when we or a loved one may be in need of blood. Sadly, tragedy can strike at any time.

Sickness no care bout money or status. Anybody can get sick, and we need to be ready and have blood. As a nation, it is time to be proactive, and not reactive.

Let us aim to be more and do more and not just expect to get more.

By di way, a baaaaaaay! Brazil gone home! Mi know Jamaica stop keep and turn upside down Friday! All now mi a celebrate! A wonda a who ago tek di World Cup??! Mek we gwaan watch an see. Tek care, and big up unnu nice, clean self. One love!

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