Horaah, it's summer time

July 11, 2018
In this 2010 photo, Diangelo Styles uses his sling shot to take aim. Young boys in rural Jamaica often use their sling shots to hunt birds.
This boy makes a perfect dive as he beat the summer heat at the Kingston Waterfront in downtown Kingston.

As most schools are now closed and summer holidays are in swing, it has suddenly begun to dawn on me that I have never before fully considered the real impact that school activities have on certain aspects of life in our society. Trust mi, is nuff things schools affect!

Yeah man, everything from early-morning traffic, commerce and economic activity and social life in communities are affected by the closure of schools. Traffic flow between the hot and dense united states of Portmore and combustible empire of Kingston city is now much smoother because schools are out. Of course, that is a welcome change for most of us commuters. But it means a not-so-welcomed decrease in earnings for people like minibus, route taxi and school bus operators. It also means that sales and earnings for school-gate vendors are now dramatically reduced.

It's just roughly the second week of summer holidays. And yes, as I observed last week, nuff summer school deh bout. But I don't see any of them that are free, and many of them are expensive. So even with the plethora of summer school offerings, I'm already also seeing a significant increase in the number of children on the streets basically doing nothing. You nuh see it to? And you nuh wonder what some of dem up to?

Well, I don't know about you, but we all know that the devil finds work fi idle hands, so I'm really hoping that responsible adults take more than a passing interest in what's happening with some of these unsupervised children over the summer holiday. Yes peeps, it takes the whole village to properly raise and care for children so we all have to play our part.

And talking about play, I remember that there was a time when parents and other adults often watched and sometimes participated when children played, and even taught us nice new ring games, riddles and Anansi stories. Of course, there were also times when there were no adults around. And those were the times when we grabbed the opportunity to play the naughty games like 'spin di bottle', 'peenie-peenieponyu' or 'sen mi Nicky go a school Mr Solomon'.

Well, things and times change. And this is no longer the age of innocence. There are now a whole new range of games that children play. Some are harmless and innocent but some are potentially quite dangerous. You busy a work. But you know what game your pickney a play? And who dem a play wid?


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