Technology mash up bizniz, again!

July 19, 2018

This man inna New Jersey notice some funny movements from him wife.

Him claim she increasingly a go out nuff, an him nuh know weh she a go, or weh she say she a goh sound suspicious.

Additionally, she get distant an nuh waan run di sweetness pon him. Soh him decide fi find out waa gwaan.

Bossy put a tracker pon him wife SUV. Di tracker not only allow him fi know weh har vehicle deh at all times, but is also one a dem expensive one deh weh allow him fi see di vehicle through satellite technology, wid di option fi record it to whichever device him a use.

Fi a while, him watch har every move, but interestingly, she was everywhere she said she would be.

Afta a while, him stop watch har as much, den eventually, him barely even pree di tracker.

However, him did tek out di tracker service fi one year, soh even tho him naa falla it up, it still did a work.

Few months pass, an him tek him wife SUV fi get an oil change. But afta him do di oil change, him mek a link wid him bunnawoman.




Yeah, him did a stalk him wife a try ketch har a cheat, while him a bun har at di same time.

Da day deh wen him link him bunnawoman, dem go a one secluded place down by the bay and guess wha? Di tracking software pick up everything!

Some time later, him an him wife a reason, an him confess say him did tink she a cheat an dat him did put tracking device pon har car.

Him carry har goh show har it, an gi har examples of how it did a track har. She cuss!

Days later wen him neva deh home, di wife goh watch more a di tracker recordings and bam, she see Missa Man a sen on di wappings pon him bunnawoman!

Wifey get mad an move to him wen him fahwud di evening. Him shock wen him see di video to di point weh him staat chat foolishness an a halla, "There must be some mistake!"

Di wife jus calmly explain how him owna trap ketch him, and di man staat beg out di ting wicked.

Mi nuh know wa happen afta dat, but again, a technology very much involved inna anneda ray-ray.

Awright, a it dat. Leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at Bless up unu self.


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