Big drama inna donut shop

July 26, 2018

Yow Peeps! Wat is are gwaaning? Unuh good? Hope so enuh. Hope nuh donkey nah bite unuh and nuh bull frog nah falla unuh. Awoh! Lol.

Ready Up:

Dunkin Donuts Drama

So dis woman up ya a Orange Man land roll up eena a Dunkin Donuts shop. As she step in, she notice a white man siddung ova inna a cawna a di store a specifically stare pon har. She nuh pay him nuh mind, cause she used to man a stare pon har — har ting tun up like dat.

Anyways, she go order har coffee jus di way she like it, walk dung inna di line and a wait fi dem prepare it. As she a wait, she notice di man did still a pree har. She still nuh pay him nuh mind.

She collect har coffee and then a look a seat fi siddung. Lo and behold di ongle seat available was horizontal to di man weh a watch har. She did tink to har self say she nuh waan siddung near di man cause she see say him a pree har and him coulda waan put arguments to har, and she neva deh pon dat at di time. Anyways, she go siddung inna di seat. She was surprised when immediately as she siddung di white man get up and walk weh go stand up somewhere else inna di store. She get upset right away! She say to har self say him damn bright fi nuh waan deh near black people! Anyways, she lowe it.

When she done drink har coffee and get up and a leave, she walk ova to di garbage fi throw weh har cup, which was near to where di man did a stand up. As she reach di garbage, di man move weh and go straight back to him seat!

Dis get Miss Lady mad! Cause it obvious to har now say dis white man did a avoid har cause she black. She did a go jus leave, but sitten inna har say fi go trace out him nastiniss! She walk right ova to him — she standing, him sitting — and bend ova inna him face, and inna a low voice she cuss out him claat! Inna standard English she tell him a bag a tings — how him full a da “sh” sup'm deh fi think him betta off dan har, how him pap dung and stay bad. She jus put him pon blast wid a whole heap a diss.

As she done and about fi leave, di man softly responded dat she have it wrong. Di man say as she walked inna di Dunkin Donuts he was immediately struck by how stunningly beautiful she was. Him say is not jus har prettiness did captivate him, cause him see pretty woman everyday, but he found it sexy the way she was dressed with purpose and class and that she had an “air” about her that was confident and sexy. Him also say that he was going through some tough times and was out of his house for three days and was so self-conscious about his body odour that he did not want to offend her with his smell when she came near him. Di man then apologise if him actions gave her di wrong impression and offended her.

Miss Lady say when she see di sincerity pon di man and know say him did a tell di truth and when she realise how she wrongfully attack dis very nice white man, she say a she end up feel like da “sh” supm deh. She say she did shame. She apologise to di man. Di man say don't worry bout it and dat it was human for us all to have misunderstandings.

She say she walk out a di Dunkin Donuts a hold a deep medz.


All right, leggomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Straight blessings.


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