Pickney phone mash up life

August 16, 2018

Yuh have dese two mothers up ya who are friends. Dem always look out fi each other, help each oda weneva dem can.

Dem also always babysit fi each odda. Both a dem have two kids each, one have two dawta, six and eight years old, an di odda one have a boy and a girl, six and seven.

Soh anyway, di one weh have di two dawta, mek we call har Sharon, notice lately say di odda mada, who we'll call Marcia, always unable fi babysit har kids anytime she ask.

Sharon also notice say Marcia stap ask har fi watch fi har kids dem. Everyting else was OK as usual, a jus di babysitting paat did change.

Afta a while Sharon decide fi confront Marcia bout di issue. Wen she ask har bout it Marcia responded dat she nuh really waan talk bout it an dat Sharon muss jus let it go.

But Sharon insisted an afta whole heap a presha, Marcia say awright an draw fi har phone. She goh soh bam, an draw fi a video an show Sharon.




Wen Sharon see di video she almost drap dung. Di video was shot fram above, an show Sharon inna har living room inna one heavy deep kissing an feel-up feel-up wid anneda woman!

Afta dem done kiss, di woman lef Sharon house. Marcia den explain say di video was recorded by har six-year-old.

Sharon house have two floors, wid four bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs. She did put di pickney dem inna di bedroom dem upstairs a watch TV.

Sharon also a bun har husband wid a woman pon di side. Di ginalship was fi say she a babysit di pickney dem an den bring ova har bunnawoman fi visit.

Da day deh di likkle bwoy did come outa di room wid di odda pickney dem an a play wid di video pon him phone an jus happen fi ketch Sharon an har side chick.

Di likkle bwoy goh show him sista di video, an she goh show dem mada.

Marcia did cut-up bout di video; she di bex bad. She tell Sharon say she nuh have nuh problem wid har private life but dat she find it unacceptable dat she engage inna dem behaviour deh roun di children, an dats why she will neva again sen har pickney dem ova Sharon.

Sharon did undastan still. She neva presha di ting. She apologise to Marcia an tell har tanks say at least she still a talk to har.

She den ask Marcia if she already tell anybaddy else an if she plan fi mention it to anyone inna di future? Marcia say it will never leave har.

Seet deh, six-year-old pickney wid camera phone buss up di dolly house. Times have surely changed.

Awright, leggomentz again. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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