Always live within your means

August 20, 2018

All a mi nice, clean, stay-good readers, say, 'Yes!' Mi feel like a from last year we nuh link, but a one thing mi can seh is dat all when unuh out of sight unuh never out of my mind. I pray all is well, and unuh a manage fi cope wid the heat. It come in like is a brand new sun God put out every day. Is like him tek off the wrapping paper and just dash it pon we. In all things we still have to give thanks because inna some other countries, a pure typhoon and tsunami dem experience. Mi know seh di light company a skin off dem teet because everybody haffi a use light and AC, and all when yuh nuh have it, to how di time hot, if a even fi bridge it and mek dem ask yuh, "How come?".

Talking about bridging, how some tenant out of order so fi a bridge light inna people house? Mi nuh support almshouse, and I do not support anyone who a go rent somebody's house and bring the people dem name in disrepute. Often times yuh hear bout 'dutty landlord', but yuh have some 'wretchenela tenant' as well.

To commence with, your rent is not a surprise. From yuh rent somewhere, there is a set date on which the rent must be paid. Utility bills are a must, and they come like clockwork. So, mi nuh understand how some people act surprise when the bills come or rent due. If you cannot afford to pay the rent, leave the people dem premises and find somewhere that is within your budget.

Life is unpredictable and anyone can be late on rent and bills. However, lateness should not be a regular practice and hallmark of any well-thinking adult. At the same time, children live what they learn. So, if yuh is a rent shuffle and yuh nuh like pay bills, yuh cuss and class the people dem weh yuh owe, you are, in essence, demonstrating to the young impressionable mind that it is OK to live this way. It is not right.




Some tenants deliberately allow the house to become dilapidated because it's not theirs and dem a spite the landlord or landlady. However, it is important to note that the same house may turn out to be their own home one day. Some landlords are overbearing, intrusive and even inconsiderate, but if they have all these terrible characteristics, then maybe moving ought to be considered.

Mi know of a situation in which a tenant owed 10 months rent, bridge light and water and then had a terrible and rude attitude when confronted by the landlord. Unuh know mi nuh run dem serious joke deh.

The world is round and what goes around comes around. Today you're a tenant, tomorrow you're an owner, and in the future you may become a landlord or landlady. Treat people's houses well. Pay your bills and take care of the house as if it were your own. If there are prolonged contentious issues, give notice and leave in a dignified way. Nuh bodda mash up and destroy the property, which could lead to legal action being taken against you.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all the persons who have messaged, telephoned, seen me in person, call my radio show 'Miss Kitty Live' on Nationwide 90 FM to extend congratulations on me completing my law degree with first-class honours from the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies. The journey continues as I am not yet an attorney-at-law, but I will work assiduously and steadfastly to achieve my dream. I just want to say thanks to God for his grace and mercy. And to all the persons who have contributed to my development and growth, I am eternally grateful. To my fans, mi love unuh like cook food. I endeavour to inspire by doing, so you know that you can do it too - and even better! With God, all things are possible! Thank you, all. Have a productive week and tek care until!

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