Married woman meets matey in drive thru

August 23, 2018

Yoggo, yoggo, yow, yow! Wah gwaan, Tamfammers? Bless up all Ragashanti Live listeners. Big up unuh self, straight.

To di drama:

A lady up ya did a go through a Dunkin' Donuts drive thru. Di drive thru kinda narrow, and when she a turn inna it, har car crash inna di wall. It was a small accident, but har car did pick up some significant damage.

When di accident happen, a woman inna di car behind har did come out and ask har if she was OK. The woman inna di accident then come out a fi har car and check har self and say she was OK and said: "Well, this is gonna cost more than my medium black coffee and my toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese." The two women chatted for a while, and after a likkle bit, the woman behind har back up har car and mek she remove har crashed car from di drive-thru lane. Di woman who was behind har then proceeded through to the drive thru.

While di woman who got in the accident was on her cell phone, di woman who was behind har came up to har and give har a medium black coffee and a cinnamon raisin bagel wid cream cheese. She then explained that she got the coffee and cream cheese because that was what she was planning to get before she got in the accident. The woman who got in the accident laughed, thanked her for the coffee and bagel, and took them from her. After dat di woman who bought the coffee and bagel left. The other lady drove her car to the mechanic and got a rental car through her insurance.




Now fi di prekeh. Fast-forward several months later. Di woman who did get inna di accident, who is married, get vex when she find out say har bunnaman, who is also married, have another bunnawoman! Yeah, di woman get mad when she find out say she have a matey who is also a bunnawoman fi di same man. And it nuh done deh so. Har fren who find out bout di bunnawoman-matey show har a pic of who she is. And ... boom! A di woman who she did meet at di Dunkin' Donuts when she did get inna di accident! Yeah.

A so now she move to har bunnaman and accuse him of conspiring wid di matey-bunnawoman fi set har up di mawning a di Dunkin' Donuts. Di bunnaman wappy-back and say she is being ridiculous and dat it was jus a big coincidence. Him say first of all, di whole ting started from her getting in an accident, and dat if she neva crash she woulda neva even meet the matey-bunnawoman. But di woman a cuss him say him not even concerned say di matey-bunnawoman coulda did poison har wid di coffee and bagel. Him wappy-back again and say him neva deh deh a tell har fi nyam di bagel and wallaps dung di coffee. Him say she need fi stop blame him fi wah she do wid har mout.

Mi cyaan badda

But seriously tho, question and read carefully, cause dis is a bit of a mind twister. If a married bunning person find out say di married person dem a bun wid is sleeping wid someone else, is dat bunning?

Yeah, medz da one deh.

Anyways, mi haffi leggo again. See unuh nex week same place ya so. Link mi at Bless up unuh self and stay safe.


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