Schoolgirl smells mother's perfume on classmate

September 06, 2018

Soh dis man up yah do a whole heap a technical stuff fi a global computer network company. Because a dat him travel nuff. A soh him always a bring back gifts from all over the world fi him wife and kids.

One day him wife smell a perfume pon har 16-year-old dawta an ask har a weh she get di perfume fram? Di dawta tell har say a har daddy bring it fi har fram India. Di dawta also explain say har fada say di perfume was very unique and rare ... an dat it cannot even be found in most of India, but only inna di one area weh him buy it. Di mada tell di dawta say she like it.

Sometime later di dawta tell har mada say she did jus tell har fada say a girl pon har school swimming team have di same perfume. Di dawta di smell di perfume wen di girl come near an ask har bout it. Di girl had responded that she neva even did know di name a di perfume because a regular she jus goh een a har mada room an use an pick up any perfume an use it.

Di mada get suspicious bout wa di dawta say an staat ask har questions bout di girl a har school. But har dawta neva really know di girl, an did ongle talk to har because she did smell di perfume.




Soh di mada tek it up pon harself fi goh investigate di girl a har dawta school. Hear ya now. Di mada of di girl a har dawta school work fi di same company as har husband - kinda do di same job weh har husband do - and has been to di same place in India as har husband.

Now di wife haffi a pree all kind a questions: Is it dat di girl mada did buy dis very unique perfume har self wen she did deh a di place a India? Or is it dat dere is a connection between di girl mada an di wife husband? That would mean di husband would have bought di same perfume fi him dawta an him bunna woman. Di wife ask mi an mi tell har dere is no way mi coulda reason out dat deh sittin deh an come up wid a sure, specific ansa.

Di wife also say she get a pic a di girl mada an she is totally not di type a woman weh har husband like. She say she nuh see har husband being attracted to har. But it still a ride di wife say it might be too much of a coincidence dat a female co-worker of her husband has a rare and unique perfume, from a specific area of India, dat is di same as di perfume weh him gi him dawta.

Mi tell har say di same details weh mek she suspicious can also be the same details weh mek har husband innocent.

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