Buss head mix-up

September 13, 2018

Suh dis couple live in Virginia, USA. Anytime di man a use him laptop inna dem living room it plug eena an extension and di cord always a run across di floor to di nearest plug.

One day di wife a walk tru di living room an har foot ketch inna di extension cord an she drap buff! Several months later di wife trip again.

Di husband stop fi a while, but every now an den him guh back guh dweet, suh till one time di wife trip bad an buss har forehead pon dem table.

Di husband run carry har guh hospital an dem treat har injury.

Di nex day di wife guh work, she explain to har coworkers wah happen and all gi dem di whole history of the extension cord.

Afta about a week, a co-worker who is also a good friend, call di wife inna dem conference room. Wen di wife guh in deh she see a whole bunch a oda coworkers.

Dem basically tell har say dem 'know' she's being abused by har husband an a dat cause har forehead wound.

Dem tell har say she doan haffi suffa in secret and silence. Di wife was shocked and surprised.

She staat laugh an explain to dem dat she was indeed telling dem di truth.




Di co-worker dem basically responded 'okay', an tell har say if she need support they are there for her. But di wife coulda see say dem neva believe har.

Di wife tell har husband wa happen an him bringle an say him concerned, because a same way suh dem coulda mek police move to him fi sittin weh him neva do.

Den people, unu nuh know say days afta dat wen di husband a guh bout him business an reach a office complex fi a meeting, a two police dat move to him.

Di police dem tell him say dem receive an anonymous call dat he has been perpetrating serious harm pon him wife and they were legally obligated to make enquiries.

Same time di husband get upset, but him memba weh him wife tell him bout har co-worker dem. Suh him jus jukkie-back an explain to di police wa really a gwaan.

Him all call him wife an mek she talk to dem. But even afta dat him a pree say di police dem still nuh believe him nor di wife.

Now di husband bummy bad, an a fret say some serious heat coulda reach him fram unknown angles, all fi supm weh him neva do.

Aay sah, life.

Anyways, a it dat again. Leggomentz. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self an stay safe. Protection.


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