Child molesters should face the full force of the law

September 24, 2018

Wah gwaan, mi nice, clean readers! Mi hope unuh all right and a gwaan cut and go through with all that is happening in Jamaica right now. From the traffic situation weh a fertilise everybody blood pressure and wah mek yuh haffi wake up from before day fi reach work and school, to the heartless killings, to the rape and impregnating of an 11-year-old, to senseless violence. These are some serious times, and mi granny woulda seh when dem things yah start happen so regular, God soon come fi him world!

Jamaica is an island paradise. A small island that has left an indelible mark on the world. It is a brand that resonates in the deepest and farthest parts of the universe, but still, there are some barbarians among us. I read about the 11-year-old child who is now with child as a result of intercourse with a man. On one hand, mi like how the community lash out and lick out against the predator dem and a call out the name dem! Mi inna shock fi hear the many names being called on this child's innocence that has been violated by some nasty grey-tone man or even big bwoy. It sick mi stomach fi know seh a man coulda really insert him dutty self pon a child to the point where a baby is carrying a baby. Pon the other side, mi ignarant fi di people dem who did know and did nothing to stop it. To how mi hear the different name dem a call inna di video, it would seem to me the persons in the community at least suspected that something was going on and that the little girl was being taken advantage of.




Our children need to be guided and protected, not raped and preyed upon. It is a sick individual who would destroy the life and future of a child for his own selfish release. Why him neva go cool off him nature inna him hand-middle and leave the people dem child alone? The pertinent question that I and many others have asked is: Where are the parents of the child in all of this? So, her mother, father, granny, sister, auntie, uncle, neighbour or teacher never know or even suspect that this child was being molested? A so everybody around this child oblivious to what was happening? Big woman who come into contact with the 'one-eye serpent' sometimes lean up for days much less a child who is underdeveloped. Shame on all those who knew and turned a blind eye! I have long realised that there are many unfit parents masquerading as real parents, and as a result, the children are suffering and left to the mercy of this merciless world. Any adult who rapes, molests or violates and takes advantage of a child's innocence needs to face the full force of the law.

Do not provide a safe haven for these scumbags. If yuh see, hear or know fi a fact seh something wrong is happening, speak up because if a did your pickney, yuh woulda want someone fi talk. The dutty carrier and sperm donors who put out dem pickney to people because of lickings and likes, unuh a go face a judgment like no other. God a go stop unuh like Saul pon Damascus road and beat unuh like a runaway slave. We have to protect our children. Our future depends on it.

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