Four cheese drama

September 27, 2018

So dis Jamaican woman up ya decide fi do supm special fi har husband by surprising him wid a meal weh him neva have before.

She move to di Italian settings an sen on a four-cheese lasagna pon di general. Bossy wap off di food di evening an say him love it.

Nex mawnin, him pack some a di same lasagna fi lunch wen him deh a work.

Lunch time come, an bossy deal wid di lasagna wicked an say it did still taste good.

Anyways, a likkle ova an hour afta dat, diarrhoea staat beat him bad. Him did all staat get really dizzy! It get so bad dat him did a tink fi go hospital.

However, due to how him workplace deh near to him mada apartment, him decide fi goh pon har ends fuss.

Soh him drap ova him mada an a tell har waa gwaan. Di mada ask him fi di container di food come inna.

Him mada get di container an examine it. She ask him weh di food name, an him tell har say a four-cheese lasagna.

Peeple, unu nuh know say afta di mada done examine di container, she tell har son say a obeah him wife a obeah him fi kill him!

She say di four cheese a really four demon a fight inna him fi see which one can get him soul.

An get dis, she say one a di demon is a 'funnyman' demon, an him in particular a dig out har son belly! Seriously mummy?!

Di son lef har apartment an go hospital. Wen dem done check him out, dem mek him know he's highly lactose intolerant an dat the sudden introduction of a high concentration of multiple dairy products, including di overnight food, was a tremendous shock to him system.

Dem say di dizziness an difficulty in vision was fram dehydration associated wid di diarrhoea. Dem gi bossy sittin fi tek fi di diarrhoea and tell him say him mus avoid dairy products - or at least doan tek soh much one time - an dat him mus drink whole heap a wata. Since den, di man is as healthy as eva.

But him mada still a presha him bout di demon dem, an ask wa him a do fi avoid di obeah. Mummy determine fi war di obeah duppy dem!!

Aay sah. Life.

Awright, leggomentz again. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Protection an blessings always.


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