Puss and dawg nuh have the same luck

October 01, 2018
Bill Cosby
Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington last Thursday.

Greeting in the name of Jesus and Lady Justice. Let me preface my discourse with the fact that all rapists fi go a prison, once the evidence point to the individual. It shouldn't matter whether the sexual assault was committed yesterday, 10 days ago, 20 or even 30 years ago. From yuh rape yuh fi go a prison! The victim had been scared and traumatized for life, hence all must be done to bring the perpetuator(s) to justice.

Unnu might notice seh a man dem charge with rape and that is because of how our statute defines what is rape. Section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act states that a man commits the offence of rape if he has sexual intercourse with a woman (a) without the woman's consent; and (b) knowing that the woman does not consent to sexual intercourse or recklessly not caring whether the woman consents or not.

Rape is a big deal and must not be taken lightly or treated with scant regard. Also, women who try to discredit and discount every incident of rape, especially by rich, powerful and connected men, need to desist from doing so because that only perpetuates the culture of rape.

If Bill Cosby raped the woman in truth and in fact, he deserves to be in prison. However, my scepticism comes as a result of the fact that the same energy and relentlessness to bring Bill to justice is absent with his white counterparts. Though they have not been found guilty and allegations can be refuted, mi no get the sense like dem a work hard fi put Harvey Weinstein, Brett Kavanaugh, Charlie Sheen, Matt Lauer, Bill O'Reilly and even 'the Donald' in prison.

It is unjust that same energy is not being pursued to bring these white men to justice. Brock Tuner, who was charged with and found guilty of three counts of felony sexual assault for raping an unconscious woman, was given six months' imprisonment. If that is going to be the standard, then it should be right across the board. It shouldn't matter if you are black or white! Keep the same energy and go after these well-to-do powerful Caucasian men the same way way Bill Cosby was pursued.

What happens in America might seem like it's not our business, but memeba seh we have we Jamaican black brothers over there, so we haffi tek interest inna what a gwaan. 'Mr Bigly' has been heard saying how him grab them by the meow and he is still out free and tweeting. Let justice be for all and let there be fairness, equality, transparency and consistency across racial groups. If yuh do the crime, yuh fi do the time, but mi no think one man legacy should be ruined, one man should be stripped of all his accolades and positions and be shackled away to three-to-10 year prison sentence while others walk free, sitting pretty and sipping pina colada!

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