Man blacklists artiste for taking his girl

October 18, 2018

Suh dis man up yah married an live wid him wife and children. But him have a bunna woman a Jamaica weh him deh wid fram long time. In fact, him did deh wid di bunna woman a Jamaica as him whola-whola woman fi years long before him even meet him wife. All wen him did touch a farrin, di plan was fi dem maintain di link, an him did fi married har an bring har up a Uncle Sam land.

But afta di dawg drap a farrin him staat do road, an one ting lead to anneda, an before yuh know it, the woman pregnant. Two-twos him move een wid har and she get belly again. During di second pregnancy him an har get married.

But right tru di relationship wid him wife, di general did keep on a visit Jamaica fi link him original woman same way. Him an har all staat plan fi buil big house a Jamaica.

Afta a while him did get inna some trouble wid di law an it did mess up him filings fi get him papers. Because a dat him couldn’t travel fi years while him did a deal wid di matta, cause him lawyer did tell him say if him did leave di US dem wouldn’t let him back een.


A suh now fi years him en up a sen di other woman money fi gwaan buil di house a Jamaica. Di dawg sen dung crazy money. Dutty money! Fi years him sen propa money fi buil di house. It reach di point weh di woman all sen him pitcha a di house wen it a buil till it finish. House pretty lakka wah! House waan look like Missa Holness slap-weh house. Yeah!

Afta a while, him papers finally get sort out an him coulda travel again. As him get di papers dem him guh suh boom, an drap right pon di rock ­ an immediately run up inna a big surprise ­ di pitcha dem a di house weh him woman been a sen him was of a house weh belong to smaddy else! All dis time nuh house neva did a buil. Not ongle dat, but di woman been a floss di money pon a well-known artiste a Jamaica.

She all buy hot car fi di artiste an pay dung pon apartment fi di artiste .... yeah, di car an di apartment inna di artiste name! Doan ask mi why? Mi nuh know da part deh. An get dis ... she did live inna di apartment wid di artiste, but now she an di artiste mash up an him run har outa di apartment! Memba, a she did mek di big payment pon it wid di farrin people dem husband money. Now she gaan back gaan kotch a har madda yaad.

Wen di general drap a Jamaica an hear everyting him get bex an seh him done wid har. Di dawg all get petty an seh him naa listen no more a di artiste song dem! Dwl. Mi cyaan badda eno. A guess him bex cause di woman tell him say she did tell di artiste say di money weh she did a get was fram har original man who married a farrin. Dat mek him bringle.

But mi nuh tink him shoulda mek dat mek him stap listen di artiste choon dem. Lol. Him fi listen dem man, listen dem a bawl. Listen dem an bawl fi know say di choon dem coulda all did write inna di apartment weh him money did pay fah! 

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