Look wha two cockroach can cause

November 08, 2018

Soh a black woman up ya goh a one branch of a popular department store an buy some sheets.

Bout two months lata wen she finally open dem, she see two roach come outa di package.

Quick-quick she claat up di roach dem inna dem nastiniss an kill dem. She decide say di store need fi know wa happen, an she wanted different ones.

She drop inna di store an goh di customer service section an present di sheet dem wid di two roach dem!

As di white female store clerk see di roach dem she scream an run an bawl out, "get away from me! Get away from me!"

A trigger-happy security guard see di clerk a run an scream an run ova deh an grab up di woman who a return di sheet dem.

Di woman she get bex an staat fling bay bax inna di security guard face. Him in turn get bringle an basically body slam har to di ground an fling on di tie strip supm dem roun har wrist dem, so she basically handcuff.

Same time di woman staat bawl out say dem jus tun har inna a millionaire caa she a goh sue out dem claat.

By dis now some oda store employees an bosses run ova an staat enquire a waa gwaan. A deh soh now di store clerk explain say a di roach dem an freak har out and not di woman.

Di store boss dem immediately order di security guard fi tek up di customer an release har.

Afta dat dem woulda kill har wid apology. One a di manager dem staat give it to di security guard say him overreact.

Di security guard say a di clerk overreact by running and screaming over two likkle roach.

Di clerk say a fram she likkle bit she deathly afraid a roach an dat har job description nuh say she haffi deal wid roach.

Well, all di manager dem a try calm dung di customer, it naa work. She did indeed call har lawyer, who presently a put togeda di case gainst di store fi sue dem.

An jus like dat two cayliss cockroach upset a customer, traumatise a store employee, mek a security guard feel like say him is a Navy Seal commando, and will likely result in the store paying a whole heap a money in a lawsuit.

Aay sah.

Awright, leggomentz again. See unu nex Thursday same place yah soh. Nuff love an honour. Bless up.


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