Ole fire stick easy fi ketch

November 15, 2018

Big up who fi big up, and bless up who fi bless up. Man deh ya a hold it same way inna di Gideon. Survival, fun an excellence we say. Laugh, learn and grow.

Right away to di drama.

Dis woman up ya inna Rinjy Lan did have a boyfriend when she did inna college. Both she and har boyfriend did deh pon dem college track team. One time when dem did deh a one a dem outta state track meet, har boyfriend did introduce har to one a fi him friend from high school who did a attend di school who dem did deh fi di meet. Over the years, while she remained wid har boyfriend, they continued to see his friend every now and then at different events.

After eight years of being together, the woman and har man from college bruk up. A couple years after dat she and har ex-man friend weh she did meet a di track meet buck up and start link. One ting led to another and two-twos dem have sex. Dem end deh right out and start live together.




A few years later, di company weh har ex-man did a work fa get inna trouble wid di law and as an employee who did sign off pon some tings, he was held liable for the commission of crimes. Dem order him fi pay a fine and him couldn't pay it, so dem send him go prison. Him start ask all bout fi help fi pay di fine fi come outta prison and end up a ask him ex-woman.

Di ex-woman den go to har man and tell him she waan help har ex-man (har man friend from long ago) so him can at least come outta prison. Har present man get bringle and say she nuh fi dweet cause a fi him fault mek him inna prison. She in turn say: 'No, a nuh so it go' and explain say a him company gwaan wid di bandolooism and him just get caught up inna it cause him work deh. Har man still say she nuh fi dweet. She persisted and tell him say him cold cause di yute was him one time good friend from high school days, and dat di yute neva do him nutten bad yet, and dat if di yute neva did mek dem meet dem wouldn't even be together. Har man still say no, and explain say because she and har ex used to deh, him nuh want dem have any contact whatsoever. She agreed and say OK, and say she nah go send him di money. However, she did send di money to har ex-man, and him pay di fine and was released from prison.

Now she and har ex-man still a link without har man a know not in person, jus through phone and social media. And she a consider fi meet up wid har ex-man. She say if har man did have di heart fi lowe har fi tek di yute outta prison she woulda neva tink fi even maintain contact wid har ex. But she say because har man did so cold, she see a different side a him and she nah feel him di same way, and a dat a push har to har ex in some way. She a say she know wah woulda happen if she and har ex link.

Aay sah.


Anyways, a leggomentz again enuh. Bless up unuh self, watch unuh headback, and may good duppy falla unuh always. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so.


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