How one woman so mean?

November 22, 2018

Soh up ya a Orange Man Lan yuh have dis couple been togeda fi more dan a year now. Di woman a Jamaican an di man a African-American.

Fram di staat di man always pay fi everyting, even doe she work. Him pay fi everyting wen dem goh out, him pay fi do har hair an nails, an a him buy all a har clothes.

Dem live togeda now, but wen she did live alone him did staat pay har rent and har car note. Di dawg did jus pay fi everyting caa him traditional like dat.

Anyways, one night dem deh pon di road an she say she need some gum an ask him fi money fi buy some.

Him did only have a US$100 bill, soh him stop at a corner store. She goh buy it but neva gi him no change. Him notice it but neva say nuttin.

Several times afta dat him deliberately gi har big bills fi she buy cheap stuff an not one time she eva gi him back change.

Him decide fi ask har bout it. Har response was dat "Woman no fi gi back change to dem man."

Har response badda him to di point weh him goh talk to odda women bout it.




All a dem pretty much say in today's world it is actually not unusual fi a man tek care a everyting in a relationship but dat har statement dat "Woman no fi gi back change to dem man" is a bad sign.

A soh now him staat pree say she neva yet do anyting fi him fram har own resources, even wen she a goh buy a gift fi him she first ask him fi money fi dweet.

An di last straw knock him last week wen she goh pon har computer an confirm say har pay was direct-deposited to har checking account, den she transfer di pay to har savings account.

But wen she done she immediately ask him fi money fi do har hair an nails, fi buy clothes, an fi sen money goh Jamaica to har mada an har bredda.

Him say him definitely a goh lef har, an dat him jus a try figure out di smoothest way fi dweet. Aay sah.

Anyways, a leggomentz again eno. Man on di move straight. Big up unu self till nex week wen we link again same place ya soh.

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