Jamaica is full of 'homo-hypocrites'

November 26, 2018
Dalton Harris

If mi never firm last week mi would a haffi cuss and class some people who posted derogatory and vitriolic comments about Dalton Harris.

The young man has been through the rigours of life and has not allowed his struggles and where he is coming from to define his destiny or limit his dreams.

I'm sure persons who have supported Dalton from 2010 will remember his feature on Digicel Rising Stars and remember that he was not living like Prince Harry!

After winning Digicel Rising Stars, like other contestants, Dalton faded into the background, but he made his resurgence on the British talent show The X Factor.

Soon, many authentic fans and whole heap a bandwagonists jumped on the Dalton Harris bandwagon.

Dalton a gwaan exceptional and extraordinary in the competition, gaining praise from Simon Cowell and standing ovations. Then, a picture of him kotching on the leg of a contestant, and all hell breaks loose.

The same mouths that said 'yaaaay' were now saying 'boo'. It is true that people are entitled to their opinion, and not everyone will agree with how some individuals choose to live their lives.

However, when your own people can be quick to chastise, denigrate, berate, and judge you without giving you the benefit of the doubt, it is sad and unfortunate.




Many Jamaicans are not homophobic, they are homo-hypocrites! The same people dem who a bun out Dalton, many of them wear brand names of gay designers and sing the songs of gay artistes!

Many who a bun a fire do not do so when they are beneficiaries of homosexuals and they drink off of their table in many dancehall spaces because dem benefit from the link.

Dalton is on a show called The X Factor, not 'The Sex Factor'! His private life is his private business. If yuh rate him for his talent, rate him and move on.

Many people have gay friends and family members, and dem naa bash dem because dem get money and likes from dem.

Mi a support Dalton's talent to di max, and I hope he will continue to strive and thrive in as many ways as possible. Mi want him win so the haters dem can go pile up a di hospital!

Dalton, big up yuh nice, clean self! The brave may fall but never yield! You're blessed and highly favoured! Unnu tek care an walk good an mek sure unnu vote fi Dalton!

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