Real 'Yaad Man' Crismus

December 24, 2018
DJ Khaled in a motor vehicle with his family, driving away from the Norman Manley International Airport last week.

Mi want fi big up all mi nice clean readers inna di Christmas Eve yah! Jamaica sweet like sugah dem time a year yah! From the food, to grand market, to di foreigner dem weh fly down fi come enjoy the Jamaican Christmas!

To how Jamaica a keep, di one Drake, Tory Lanez and DJ Khaled deh yah, and mi know as God mek Moses, dem a have an exciting time. Di island tun up well loud! It's great to see persons who have benefited from our Jamaican culture come pay respect to the land and the people who start it. The way DJ Khaled him into Jamaica, he is an honorary 'Yaad Man'. Unuh know me haffi big up all tings 'Yaad Man' because a so we a go build our people and our nation. A dat nuff other place have over we because we do not support our own. When mi see how DJ Khaled excited and embrace we culture, tek private jet come yah, deh inna di garrison wid youth dem, gone a beach and a par wid the people dem, yuh know is 'Yaad Man' ting!




Speaking about yaad man, it is said that Jamaica has the best vibes for the festive season and it is the place to be. The other day on my radio show Miss Kitty Live, which airs on Nationwide 90 FM, the debate was whether town Crismus or country Crismus nicer. Most people seh country Crismus sweeter because yuh have more food, more community togetherness, clean air and Christmas breeze and less crime. It was said that if yuh never spend a Christmas in rural Jamaica, yuh nuh enjoy the real Jamaican Christmas. The town people dem like miself chip in and talk bout Christmas in the city. The lights, sights, sounds and the excitement! Grand market outta Half-Way Tree and dung a town a mad ting! Kids playing, people shopping and a just one love and togetherness. The only thing what spoil it a di likkle dutty dirt bag teef dem so unuh please be careful.

We are on the cusp of 2019, and I wish for all my readers, fans and supporters a spectacular and safe season. Thank you for your support over the years, and I hope it will only get stronger in the coming year. Think about what bad habits you need to get rid of that will make 2019 a year of prosperity and elevation. You never have the same moment twice, so it is imperative that we make each moment count.

Unuh know mi love unuh like how Jesus love likkle children and mi want unuh just gwaan keep focused on your goals. Nuh focus pon no locus because nuff a dem a dream killers and blessing blockers. Eat and be merry, but do so responsibly. Know what yuh want and go for it in Jesus name! Whether you're celebrating Christmas inna country or town, Christmas inna Jamaica a Boom! Merrrrrrry Christmasss! Lalalalalalalalalalala!

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