Man loses feelings for wife who shows him up

December 27, 2018

A Jamaican couple up yah a New York a juggle inna dem relationship of more dan than years. Di man inna di relationship say everyting did a gwaan good between him an him woman. Him say it neva perfect caah dem did have dem likkle problems here an dere. But di problems were neva anyting really big fi treten dem relationship.

However, one fateful day him an him woman goh a one fair weh har fren did invite dem to upstate. On dem way back him car staat gi likkle trouble. It reach di point weh it did a sputter bad an slow up di car a lot. Bossy decide fi tek a exit offa di highway an goh stop a one gas station fi check out a wah wrong wid di car.

At di gas station him neva ask nobaddy fi check di car...him decide fi check it himself, caa him know nuff bout car. While him a do di checkings him woman did stay inna di car caa it did chilly outside.

Anyways, all di check him a check him couldn't find a wa wrong wid di car. Him open di car bonnet an a gwaan wid one bag a tings an still couldn't figure out di problem. Den him say him ongle see him woman fly outa di car an staat look unda di hood wid him an a check tings too.




Den she staat ask a whole heap a questions w7eh ongle a mechanic or smaddy who know nuff bout cars woulda ask. Di man say him did inna shock. Him wossa nearly drap dung wen she walk goh dung a di shop fi di gas station, fahwud wid a big cardboard box weh tear open, fly di trunk an tek out him jack, mek him help har jack up di car, slide unda di car pon di cardboard and use a wire an a juk sittin unda di car. She den tell him fi turn on an turn off di car at different times fi test weh she did a test unda di car. She identidied the problem and fixed it.

Bossy say throughout di whole ordeal shock an stress tek him...cause him jus neva know da side deh of har. Him ask har how she know dem supm deh? She ansa say har fada an har four bredda dem a mechanics an a dem teach har di tings dem. But dat neva too comfort bossy, caa him say a two tings fram di incident mek she now come een like a stranger to him.

Firstly, it badda him say she neva did mek him know say she have da side deh to har, an it mek him a wonda now wa oda sides she have weh him nuh know bout. And secondly, him claim say since di incident she no longa look like a woman to him. Him say she is now more like a man. Him say a ongle man alone deal wid car di way she did move. Now him a wonda an a stress bout all kinda tings bout har, to di point weh him say him no longa enjoy sex wid har, caa she is now like a stranger.

All because di woman know nuff bout car, neva mek him know she did, an fix him car wen him couldn't fix it.

Him a blame har, but truth be told is dat him emasculate himself by adhering to stereotypes about women.

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