Commit to something for 2019

January 07, 2019
The sky was decorated with beautiful fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve.


Greetings to all my wonderful, bombastic and extraordinary readers in Jamaica and across the world! Let me wish for all of you a splendid and prosperous new year! May 2019 be filled with happiness, health, wealth, strength and joy.

It is so important to develop an attitude of gratitude, and I want to encourage all of you to go after your dreams with a passion and relentless like never before. Many people look back at their life with regret because they have not achieved what they wanted and what was possible for them. Nuff a dem turn round and hate and badmind others who have exhibited the discipline that is necessary to succeed.

An indisciplined life is one that will lead to many failures and problems because it too leggo! One has to be disciplined to get out of life the desired results because the truth of the matter is whatever you put in, that is what you will get out. Yuh haffi discipline wid yuh spending, the amount a time yuh spend a chat wid some 'naa-go-no-weh' people pon the phone and the time yuh waste a watch some lazy man or woman weh no have no ambition.

At the start of every year people normally make their New Year's Resolutions. The saying: "A my year dis, 2019 a my year fi shine," is on the lips of many. However, research shows that by January 10, most resolutions are forgotten about, aborted or abandoned. By that time, the same mouth weh did a seh: "2019 a my year," start fi seh: "Yow, mi naa tell no lie, it look like 2019 naa gree wid mi, so a 2020 a my year."


Lack of consistency


Before you know it, because of the lack of consistency, the resolutions come to zero. In light of this, I decided and suggested that instead of New Year's resolutions, we should strive for New Year's commitments. Commitments connote something in which we have a vested interest, and we should be keen on committing to our commitments.

So what are you committing to for 2019? Write them down. Unlike resolutions, commitments do not have to be lofty or grand, it can be as simple as "I commit to treating myself better and making me a priority." You can commit to being a better parent, a better friend. Yuh can commit to stop tek people man, stop being lazy, stop expecting people to lend yuh money and yuh no pay dem back! Commit to stop being a gal clown or a man mascot! You can commit to going back to school, getting a new skill or even doing something to make Jamaica better.

The word commitment summons a deeper responsibility and calling than a mere resolution. You must hold yourself responsible for your actions and don't blame others or blame life when you get nothing out of it. Nothing from nothing equals nothing! It is not easy, but it is important to be consistent. It's not about falling or failing, it is about getting back up and brushing off yourself and going back into the ring. There will be challenges, but you have to rise above them consistently.

So, my watch words for 2019 are discipline, commitment and consistency. When we incorporate these values and attitudes in our lives, you will be amazed fi see how 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond will always be your year!

Love unuh from mi heart, and I commit to always talking di tings dem both to educate and entertain unuh and also keep it real and be true to miself! Memba fi write out yuh commitments and commit to dem! One Love!

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