Woman's religion scares boyfriend

January 10, 2019
In this file 2010 photo, a Santero priest prays during a Santeria ceremony in honor of slaves rebelliousness in Cuba.


Happy, happy New Year again to di whole a unuh. Remember anything weh happen to yuh fi di 2019,

good and bad, will be the result of choices you make. So, mek sure yuh mek excellent choices that will lead to great results fi di 2019. Bless up unuh self propa.

On to di met:

Dis Jamaican man up ya inna Orange Man Lan draw fi a Spanish speaking woman. Di woman born right ya inna Rinjy Lan, but her parents dem come from Cuba. Her parents dem are what you call 'Santeros', which means not only dem practise 'Santeria', but they also hold leadership status that are equivalent to wah yuh woulda call a priest and priestess.

Santeria is an extremely complex and sophisticated African-Christian religion mainly practised by people in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. It started hundreds of years ago when the Africans who were brought to those countries as slaves combined their African forms of worship with the Catholic form of worship and created a type of worship that is unique to the Caribbean.




To this day millions of people still practise Santeria, and continue to practise it when they migrate to locations outside of the Caribbean. And a so bossy woman end up being one a di hundreds of thousands of people practising Santeria in New York.

But bossy cyaan manage her and her Santeria doings.

One day di man come home and see one likkle desk full up wid a whole heap a candles wid different colours and sizes, wid a whole heap a beads,

and several different types a bushes. Him woman did a kneel dung in front a di desk a pray and sing inna Spanish.

Bossy get bringle and say di woman a chat to duppy, and a wonder if a duppy she a set pon him fi kill him off inna di house wid har! Then him a try chat to har but she nah ansa. My lady jus dung inna di worship deep-deep and nah pay bossy not a mind.




Boss get mad and start talk up a bag a tings bout di blood of Jesus and nuff sitten. Him did tink she did possessed and dat a come di duppy did bout fi come outta har. But Miss Lady neva pay him no mind, and just focus pon har ting and done when she did waan done.

Afta she done, dem a reason and she explain to him say him nuh have nutten fi fear. She explain say har parents dem a Cuban and dat dem practise it all their lives and a so she grow up wid it. She say a just fi har way fi worship di same God weh other people worship.

Di explanation kinda sekkle bossy likkle bit and him and har good again. But him still neva fully comfortable and did always privately a complain to people bout it.

One day him a explain everything to one a him bredren, who in response give him an incorrect interpretation by saying Santeria a di same ting like Jamaican obeah. However, strangely enough, when bossy hear him bredren explanation him no longer did fraida Santeria. Him literally say now dat him know a di same ting as obeah, it nuh badda him nuh more.

So, him did well fraida a strange ting him did tink was very bad (Santeria), but once him hear say di strange ting a di same as a familiar ting weh him tink is jus as bad (obeah), him nuh fraida it anymore?

Sitten nuh right deh so.

Aye sah!

A leggomentz again. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Big up unuh self again fi what will be di best year inna unuh life 2019!

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